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The Best Ways to Utilize Fashion Entrepreneurship

Award acting global fashion industry fashion, design, and innovation in new business models. Or building up the brand or launching a technology independent fashion, to the stories of these entrepreneurs, for example, to carry out the cause of perseverance at work can succeed in the competitive market and new ways of sharing lessons learned along the way. The entrepreneur is required reading for all budding fashion.

How Vika Gazinskaya Put Herself on the Fashion Map.

In recent years, designer Vika Gazinskaya in Moscow has attracted the attention and orders of some of the most influential stores in the world, such as Colette, Net-a-Porter, and Fivestory. As it did?
NEW YORK, United States “Fashion in Moscow is like inventing a bicycle,” says Vika Gazinskaya, who designs and manufactures her line in the Russian capital. “There are no people who understand how to shape [clothing] or how emails respond from buyers or the international press, we see what kind of wheel it looks like but we do not know how to do it.”
The hopeful Gazinskaya, the Soviet girl who turned to the fashion business in Russia, helped change the situation. Last year Gazinskaya was named a valuable ANDAM fashion award. His extensive, structured and demi-couture models that happily line the rainbow or cloud themes in luxurious French and Japanese fabrics have been hit by influential retailers such as Net-a-Porter and Colette.
But getting to this point was not something predetermined.
The only son, Gazinskaya, grew up in a “very simple family” who lived in a municipal apartment in Moscow with two other families. “During that time, it was the Soviet Union, and we did not have anything fashionable,” he recalls. “We did not have the most magazines, we did not have a TV show, nothing.”
Only when he was ten years old, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gazinskaya first had access to what he called “glamorous life”. Mattel had opened a store nearby. “I went there every week, just to see what they were doing, I mean these Barbie catalogs … I saw this live and it left me impressed, dresses, shoes, houses, horses, husband, everything”. The first Gazinskaya designs were the Barbie doll that her mother bought. “I started making little dresses – like gloves, that my mother was no longer dressed, I cut part of them embroidered, and they turned into a Barbie sweater or cut a flexible umbrella cover and it was a Barbie skirt .
At age 16, his mind became fashionable. He began to draw and paint the formation of a local artist and enrolled at the age of 19 at the Moscow State University to study fashion design. “My mother could not afford to send me to Central to Saint Martin’s or somewhere else,” she says.
Thanks to the local design competition 2002, Gazinskaya received a training place for ‘Official in Russia. “I really have a lot of time to train,” he tells of his time in a magazine where he lived for two years and became a fashion designer. “When I went there, I still had no idea who Richard Avedon or Guy Board was.”
“In those days, I did a crazy makeup and nails and everything – kopsin MAC ads, which were so colorful and bright and all Pat McGrath makeup [Dior] Viktor & Rolf was a black and pink collection: Half of models was the pink face., so you also did a crazy makeup of big, pink, black dots that were cut into lace, so I showed myself. ”

In 2004, Gazinskaya slapped himself as an independent stylist, “made a series of projects for MTV, and private clients” before his name published in 2006 under his own name when he funded the first exhibition of the Californian artist Bart Dorsan but that He is no longer involved in the company.

During the first six years, Gazinskaya presented his collection with theatrical performances in the works of art of Moscow. Her first drama was in female spheres, a light heroine of Hitchcock, a cartoon character of Lichtenstein, combined with the directors of Twin Peaks and Robert Wilson of David Lynch. “I tried to mention everything I loved,” he says. “I love the rock’n’roll of the 70s, so every show that the model had was different for the music, and the curtains open to the lyrics:” Is this a real life? Is this just a fantasy? “Reina” “version and the final music of The Doors” Bohemian Rhapsody The End “His second game – the one that copies the shadow of the proposal – was a great display” of 25 meters long and six meters high, “models They were behind, creating a six-meter tall shadow before walking.

But the real breakthrough that put her on the fashion map came in 2009, says Gazinskaya when she decided to go to the Paris exhibitions. There, she presented her work with skill with his own kuvioillaan shows, where his photography actors, such as Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton, describe the street style influences of trusted photographers and appeared on the website Style.com, The Sartorialist and Jak and Jil him and his youth label. In fact, she later became a member of the “Russian fashion package”, largely represented along with urban style figures, Ulyana Sergeenko, Miroslava Duma and Elena Perminova.

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