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Style Guide and Tips for Men’s Fashion 2018

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John Lennon Hunter S. Thompson. Kurt Cobain. What do they all have in common? Well, apart from the fact that the three were routinely at the top of the top, the Downers, the Screamers and the laughing knock on the elephant, the key detail combines them: their sunglasses. Not only did they look good to them, they were an icon.

Sunglasses key role in men fashion

Sunglasses started from the western men fashion so they have given different names for sunglasses so some of them will discuss in detail in this blog.

Vintage sunglasses

Is it included that the sunglasses are the men fashion stylish? So yes sunglasses are the main and key role in men fashion style. Vintage sunglasses are big companies now a day, and the celebrity connection is partly responsible. “Videos of movies and music are influenced by the interests of the people’s vintage glasses,” says John Morris, expert optician and owner of the historic retired glasses of Eyes at Kings Cross in London. “Think of James Dean and Johnny Depp Tarte Optical, the famous vintage Gianni Versace rappers and of course Steve McQueen Persol”.
Throughout history, certain famous faces came to such a strongly linked shadow style that concealed it behind the glasses becoming part of their visual identity. So much so that if someone took a pair of white Christian acetate Roths is my watermelon and asked him who he was, probably answer “oh, is a man Nirvana.”
But there is another reason why vintage sunglasses are so desirable. “They just got better,” Morris says. “They used acetate, handcrafted components, and high-quality glass, heavier than plastic lenses.” This strength meant that the sunglasses literally felt different. “For example, you have to compare Ray-Ban with modern and produced by Luxottica Ray-Ban originally manufactured by Bausch & Lomb in the United States,” continues Morris. “There is indeed a massive gap.”
Unfortunately, most of us have no financial opportunity to buy a couple of original pilots 1950 Therefore, we’ve put together some of the best sunglasses in history as well as their costumes, and how they are used with some modern and similar styles for all budgets, from dancing to shore.

JFK is chartered with American Saratoga

It is no secret that former President Kennedy wanted to regularly use a pair of unspoiled and hawksbill Wayfarers. What is known a little less is that they are never the Wayfarers.
American Optical Saratoga was JFK’s favorite telescope and one of the iconic figures that highlighted the face of the president. The company no longer manufactures them, but their style and shape have, as expected, become the habit of other brands of sunglasses.


This form is something hybrid. It’s angular but has rounded elements, a unique combination that makes him one of the most unique styles able to work smoothly across the spectrum of facial shapes. Round, oval, square, triangle, hexagonal: Whatever bone structure, this frame is a failed option.


If you are really committing the whole question to JFK, then a tailor-made suit of dark blue or charcoal is the only way forward. But the Saratoga form is by no means the only pony. In one simple shirt and jeans, it offers a versatile daily alternative.

The best JFK-men fashion style sunglasses

Kurt Cobain’s sunglasses Christian Roth White

In 1993, photographer Jesse Frohman took portraits of Nirvana’s director, Kurt Cobain’s series. He had white sunglasses with a round body. These shots became some of the memorable images of pioneering grunge, immortalized by their shades of Christian Roth and encourage countless imitations in the coming decades.


It is not necessary to have a professional stylist or glass knowing that this frame is not weak in the heart. Strongly the rounds are best suited to men’s oval, square or heart-shaped faces, but most importantly in the slick style of the so-called factor is to reliably use Cobain. However, you can leave the belt work at home.


Curtains with framed acetate are a key factor. Which means if you are Iris Apfel (which I’m telling you, you probably will not), the rest of the party should be simple and back. Let the sunglasses talk. Or “cry” may be more appropriate in this case.


Suit dress is the formal dress for an official dress because it is compulsory in the United State of America that people use suits for the interview as well as official minutes. The jacket should be sure to hug your shoulders, be thin in the body and cover your bottom.
The trousers must be thin, not thin and have a rest that suits your personal taste. I have a tendency to take a little break in order to show a small sock when I walk or sit.
Notch flaps are best suited for business ventures, while the tip flap signals elegance and power. The number of buttons and ventilation slots is their priority.
Make your first suit, it’s a new men fashion style in the world .look for something solid dark blue or gray and then expand there: burgundy, olive, khaki and blue French are all worthwhile options. In men fashion suits one thing is very important to discuss because mostly people have don’t idea how to choice the suits from the shop. The condition of suits should not be so tough it’s should be easy to wear and  feel comfortable .

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