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22 Captivating Short Hairstyles For Men 2017 | Short hairstyles for men

Short hairstyles for men | 22 Captivating Short Hairstyles For Men

There was a time when men liked to be on the safer side with their long locks. It was a considered a bold task to cut the hair shorter in length in those boring days of the past. Thanks to the stylists today for revolutionizing the fashion trends. The men of the present time are interesting to go for short hairstyles for men. These hairstyles not only give a classy look but also boost you with confidence. Men with very short hair can also fulfill their desires of looking adorable with these hairstyles options. Even styling the hair is not a problem today because all the techniques of styling your hair professionally are shared along with these haircut styles. It’s better to keep changing your looks and be a part of the latest hairstyle ideas.

Although some men do prefer the hipster look with long hair.  But as we cannot deny that short haircut styles have an elegance of their own. Not only short hair is easily managed, they can be easily styled without much effort. Although just possessing short hair will not give you the charming look crave, there are different hairstyles for men having short hair, thanks to hairstylists.

Before going for a haircut, you should keep several aspects in mind. Aspects like hair texture, previous haircut, profession and most of face shape. Yes, even if you believe it or not facial type is the most crucial factor in determining men’s short hairstyles. So, right before visiting your barber analyze the shape of your face and get the customized and classy haircut of all time. Here is the list of 22 captivating short hairstyles for men 2017. Hope you like them!

1# Tapered cut with skin fade | Short hairstyles for men

mens short hairstyles
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This is one of the versatile mens short haircuts that has gradual trimming of the hair. The hair at the top is long while they gradually fade along the sides ultimately shaving the area around the neck. The best thing is the longer hair at the top can be styled with any way you like. Although it suits on every hair length but the ideal look comes only with shorter hair.

2# Cowlick cut

mens short haircuts

short mens haircuts
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All the men with wavy to curly hair out there will be pleased to know that cowlick is the perfect option for short mens haircuts. The hairstylist make cowlick normally suit along the hairline in a skilful manner. It’s all about growing a particular section of hair in the direction other than the rest of hair. At times you become irritated with cowlick but you will get used to taming your hair naturally.

3# The military haircut

The military haircut

men short hairstyles
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As the name suggest, it will be a haircut of the military guys. The hair is shorter and cleanly shaved. It is actually the buzz cut which became popular with the military men so the name turned out to be the military cut. It is a decent haircut for men that is easy to maintain and wear with any kind of climate whether hot or cold.

4# Crew cut

Crew cut

mens haircuts styles
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It is such a haircut that gives masculine appeal at first sight. Crew cut suits a lot on people with kinky hair texture. The cheekbones are nicely highlighted with this cut. Men with oval face shape must give it a try this year. The Hollywood celebrities are seen flaunting their locks with haircut. So from now onwards, mens short hair should not be a problem.

5# The stylish fringe

nice haircut for men

The stylish fringe
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Short hair with fringe is like made for each other. If you want any hairstyle to suit on your shorter hair no matter which face shape you have, then you should fringe to your haircut. Even with the medium haircuts for men fringes play their vital role in making the entire look appealing. So, men looking for a change should check this one out. The fringe cut has many types and among them the most popular ones are the angular fringe. Angular fringes suits a lot on round face shaped men.

6# Tousled cut

mens short hair

Tousled cut
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It is an attractive short hairstyle for men. It suits men with square face shape. It is a kind of modern look to try, which will definitely change your appearance a great deal. All you have to do is to be courageous is order to make this hairstyle.

7# Short Pompadour

medium haircuts for men

Short Pompadour
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When it comes to pompadour how can we forget about Elvis Presley? If you have an oval face shape then look no further because this is the hairstyle for you. Pompadour hairstyle usually has shorter side along with parted side swept hair. Pompadour is a versatile hairstyle and people with almost every profession wear men short hairstyles with confidence.

8# Spikes

short guys haircut

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Spiky hair emerged on screen in the early 90s and instantly became the favorite men’s hairstyle since then. It is probably the easiest hairstyle that doesn’t take long time .All you need is wet hair and some hair gel and you are good to go. Spike looks best on straight hair and it is the best short haircuts for men.

9# The classic Undercut

how to style short hair men

The classic Undercut
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Undercut is the most suitable hairstyle for people with thick hair. This short guys haircut reduces quite a bit of hair volume thus looking good on people with tear shaped face.

10# Caesar cut

best short haircuts for men

Caesar cut
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It is one of the phenomenal short hairstyles for men that looks good on people with Hexagonal shape. Beard brings out even more attraction in this hairstyle.

11# Short sides with asymmetry

different hairstyles for men

Short sides with asymmetry
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People usually don’t know how to style short hair men asymmetrical hairstyle. This hairstyle actually has an off and on trend. One side of hair is longer than the other. It suits almost every face shape.

12# Short curls

Short curls

male short haircuts
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If you have curly hair and you find it difficult to have the most suitable hairstyle then short curly hairstyle is best for you. It will never go out of style and looks dashing on almost every one possessing curly hair and probably one of the perfect haircut ideas for men.

13# Faded high and tight

Faded high and tight

haircut ideas for men
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Faded high and tight hairstyle suits on those people who have thick jungle of curly hair. This is one of those short hairstyles for men that make your hair manageable and easy to wear. This hairstyle is simple yet looks elegant as it is one of the very short hairstyles for men.

14# Side part

very short hairstyles for men
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All the triangle face shaped people out there; this hairstyle is all you need to look classy and handsome. Parting hair to one side and applying some hair gel is all you have to do in order to have presentable male short haircuts.

Side part

15# Messy undercut

Messy undercut

mens short hair long hair
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Messy undercut hairstyle is an updated version of faux haircut. It suits well on people with thick and straight hair.

16# Low Bald Fade

low fad short hair

Low Bald Fade
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Low bald fade looks good on people with extremely thick hair. The lower region of head is shaved whereas the hair on upper region of head is not much trimmed.

17# Sculpted and Edgy fade

Edgy fade

Sculpted and Edgy fade
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This type of fade hairstyle is also called as geometrical fade as it gives your face a dimension and edge. This hairstyle brings out   straight and defined edges of your head. It looks best on people with symmetrical head and is a nice haircut for men.

18# Retro tapered Fade

Retro tapered

Retro tapered Fade
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Our generation is picking out the vintage hairstyle more and more these days. This hairstyle should be on a “yes” list of people having dark thick hair. The sides are faded and the crown hair are parted and lifted to the front side. In order to rock mens haircuts styles you should also have sculpted facial hair.

19# Comb over Fade

Comb over

Comb over Fade
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Comb over fade hairstyle is the hybrid of old comb over plus the modern fade. This look in itself is enough to give you a composed personality.

20# Quiff


quiff haircut
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Quiff is similar to the pompadour but the only difference is that rather than slicked back, the hair are styled in front of the head.Short hairstyles for men – This hairstyle looks great on people with narrow forehead. Quiff is one of the most iconic hairstyle of all time. This hairstyle is a mixture of class and innovation.

21# Afro Fade cut

Afro Fade

Afro Fade cut
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Short hairstyles for men, The hairstyle is very common among the African American males. As we know that African hair texture is super curly not only kinky hair are difficult to cut but they are also hard to style as well. This hairstyle makes kinky textured hair easy to manage. Although this haircut needs a skillful barber, yet if you find one I believe it is all you need. This hairstyle provides neat and clean sides with afro texture on top.

22# Faux hawk

Faux hawk hairstyle

Faux hawk
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A faux hawk is a less dramatic Mohawk haircut. The side hair of head is trimmed shorter while the hair on crown region is longer.  For styling it is best to apply some hair gel when your hair is 80% dried. Use fingers so that your hair gets even coated. Spikes looks great on faux hawk cut.


These are some of the Short hairstyles for men. We all know that not everyone can rock every hairstyle. So, next time before visiting the barber shop choose the right hairstyle for yourself. Remember, the right hairstyle can change your personality big time.


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