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Polar Blonde From Karlie Kloss

Polar Blonde From Karlie Kloss

Polar Blonde From Karlie Kloss | The model has surprised everyone wearing the most extreme version of platinum blonde, a polar white with ash reflections. The colorist Natalie Iglesias, from the ‘Maison Eduardo Sanchez’ show, reveals the keys, the secrets and above all the care behind the choice of this one that is so fashionable.

‘Not suitable for fine hair is a very aggressive process, if you stick to the most breakthrough hair trend you should know that your man will suffer a lot. To get the blonde platinum you have to discolor twice the hair to leave it totally without pigments and the very fine hair do not usually bear it, warns Natalie.

Polar Blonde From Karlie KlossPolar Blonde Is Simple Hair Style

If you are blonde it is simpler, since brown hair requires much more time and patience to get the desired tone. In fact, the normal thing is that the colorist has to give several touches.

Polar Blonde From Karlie Kloss – A polar blonde is a fantastic option if you are thinking about cutting your hair or even leaving it extremely short as Cara Delevigne. A later cut will allow it to be cleaned. Platinum is not usually a good idea for very long manes that want to remain so.

When you have finished with the color, ask in your living room to make protocols that reinforce the inner bridges of the hair to give them strength and prevent breakage.

Pre Washed Oil Your Routine

If you’ve decided on the polar blond, you have to know that it requires a lot of care at home:

Allow at least 48 hours between discoloration and the first wash to prevent it from turning color and limiting its dehydration.

Polar Blonde From Karlie KlossIt’s time to include a pre-washed oil in your routine. This strengthens the hair from the inside, as does the regular use of nourishing masks. “This type of hair tends to weaken, break and lose color. To avoid it, it must be hydrated in depth, “explains Natalie Iglesias.

Best Keep it Curly | Avoid Uses Dryers and Irons

Avoid the use of dryers and irons not to increase the degree of aggression on the hair. If your hair is curly, assume it is best to keep it curly.

Serums nutritious, a basic. Platinum hair tends to stay so dry that it can cause the “cotton” effect so that the hair loses its shine and looks matte and porous. To avoid this, use serum or treatment oils – always without silicones – to provide both proteins that rebuild the hair fiber and hydration to give the fiber a luster and softness.

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