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What is the Perfect Definition of Beauty

There are a thousand definitions of beauty. There is a famous saying about beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is the sadness of beauty. Beauty can be ugly It is a concept that persecuted poets, artists, and scholars for centuries. Beauty for men Men are visual beings. In the eyes of ...

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mens fashion style

Style Guide and Tips for Men’s Fashion 2018

John Lennon Hunter S. Thompson. Kurt Cobain. What do they all have in common? Well, apart from the fact that the three were routinely at the top of the top, the Downers, the Screamers and the laughing knock on the elephant, the key detail combines them: their sunglasses. Not only did ...

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mens fashion empire

Men fashion Empire History Over Time

From Makaroni to Mohawks, men’s fashion has always been political Is Men’s Fashion Political? The answer is strong yes. Despite the often repeated myth that men do not care too much about their appearances, men’s fashion has been responsible for politics for centuries and has also been part of a dynamic social ...

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The Evolution of Men Fashion Blogs

The Best Men’s Style Blogs Right Now Let’s see: Much is happening these days with a masculine style landscape. Streetwear is still the dominant force, but so are the unisex garments. Fast fashion is many consumer dollars men, but the complex professionalism shows signs like Gucci a lot of space in the ...

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Men fashion tips

Men across the country know too much about how they struggle to get dressed in the morning, so not just you. The problem that most men find is that we simply do not have another option, so sometimes we have to do something we have, and occasionally to children who ...

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Fashion men from the 80s

The fashion of the 80s in men in the style of the 80s The 80s were undoubtedly an interesting fashion period. Replete with eye-catching designs and bright colors, the decade of men felt completely in style and proudly presented their style. Of course, over time, these brave looks were slowly ...

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What Experts Are Saying About The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry a worldwide multi-million dollar company devoted to the manufacture and sale of clothing. Some observers distinguish between the fashion industry (which makes “haute couture”) and the apparel industry (which produces ordinary clothes or “mass fashion”), but in the 1970’s the borders between them were unclear. Fashion is best defined ...

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The Best Ways to Utilize Fashion Entrepreneurship

Award acting global fashion industry fashion, design, and innovation in new business models. Or building up the brand or launching a technology independent fashion, to the stories of these entrepreneurs, for example, to carry out the cause of perseverance at work can succeed in the competitive market and new ways ...

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How Bollywood Fashion Makes You a Better Lover

Kareena  Kapoor Khan The handsome Kapoor Khan is beautiful, with which any creature has turned a blue-eyed girl into the most desirable designers in the industry. Taking his love of fashion, the actor apparently launches his own label, which will be launched at Lakme Fashion Week, which will start on Wednesday. Get ...

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