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Do the lice cause disease or not and where does they come from?

where does lice come from

For the survival on the earth, every living creature depends on other for food, shelter and interaction, etc. Same is the cause with the lice especially the head lice because they are the obligate parasite and scientifically is known as Pediculus humanus capitis. Obligate parasites are those who cannot survive alone because they need a host like a human and not the Dog, Cat, Guinea Pig, or any other kind of Furry Pet, etc. Head lice are only present in the human head. The serious question is where does lice come from? They cannot fly or jump because they do not have wings, but they crawl from one head to another with the help of six legs that have claws at the end so that claws help the lice to attach to the hairs.

What Is Lice and where does lice come from

There are two types of lice. One is known as head lice, and other is known as body lice.  Female head lice lay 3 to 4 eggs every day on the scalp of the hair and sucks human blood for feeding, but it does not cause any disease. While body lice lay eggs on the clothes instead of human body and them, spread the diseases like Epidemics of Typhus and Louse-borne. So, in this way population of adult lice increases and that is the reason to; where does lice come from.

Transmission of lice and from where does lice come from

The logic of head lice that where does lice come from is not known but most of the studies address this issue by proving that they transfer from one person to another through direct contact. For example, if two persons sleep together, and one has lice in his head then other will also get those lice in his head in the next fine morning because lice crawl from one person’s hair to other for nourishment.

Mostly school going children have lice in their heads because they play with such kids who already have such creatures, and then they transfer to the other heads. It is the misconception that low-income people have lice. People belonging to any background can have the lice; that depends on their hair texture.

Natural products to get rid of head lice

Various studies have shown that a person who used natural products can get rid of lice. The natural product like, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender oil, and Eucalyptus Oil, etc. use to get rid of lice.

Precautionary measure to get rid of lice

Having lice in the head create frustration and make a person dull and inactive. So, here are some ways to avoid such type of problems e.g. an appropriate treatment can eliminate the infestation from the head. It is not possible that lice extinct from earth, so it’s better do not share your personal accessories like scarves, hats, towels, combs, hair brushes and other hair stuff with any other person.

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