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Latest Fashion Trends In London

London fashion

London fashion is different than other countries because London people are very modern and stylish people of the world . They are very creative mind and genius people in the world that’s why they progress day by day in the fashion world so if you look most people purchase UK dresses because they are easily available in the market and as well as very low prices in the market. Uk people mostly prefer long dresses because their weather and climates changes. There are many upcoming events of fashion exhibition in London mostly new verities and designs will come in markets. In September there are many fashion show will be held in London for young woman and girls. I have question in my mind that people of Asian mostly adopt Europe culture fashion so I got the answer from the internet that in London there is university of fashion and designing .they do a lot of research on fashion in London and give new ideas and pattern for people .mostly advance and modern fashion comes from London actually they manufacture high quality stuff with proper dimension with beautiful colors which is very famous in subcontinents . Mostly Indian and Pakistani models follow London fashion which is going more famous and popular in Asian . Katarina kaif mostly wears London fashion dress and mostly Indian Bollywood heroes wear western fashion dresses like skin slim pent and shirts. Pakistani actress Maria khan said her interview that she is really inspired by London fashion and she purchases mostly dress from London. she said to the reporter that London is more advanced and better in fashioning as compare to other countries. She said she will be started working in Pakistan to promote fashioning and designing in Pakistan. In England people mostly wear the long dress because there are maximum of chances of raining in 24 hours so that’s why they get ready for the situation of raining .fashion will change day by day and its going versatile and vast. I don’t know how this world moving very fast which is a big question for everyone ?

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