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Improve Your Life Using Only 12 Female Fashion Tools

fashion tools for women

It is not very easy to describe woman fashion but it’s too difficult to describe fashion tools in a few words. There are thousand and hundred fashion tools women are using in their daily life which are following.

  1. Clothes fashion girls
  2. Shoe fashion
  3. Makeup fashion
  4. Hair fashion
  5. Nail fashion
  6. Female tattoos fashion
  7. Jewelry fashion
  8. Cleaning fashion
  9. Eyebrow fashion
  10. Body shape fashion
  11. Teeth fashion
  12. Purse fashion

Cloth fashion Girls

It is the great gift of science which had invented clothes for male and female. Before invented the clothes people used the leaf to protect their body from the hotness and coldness of the weather. Now a day’s life has changed and people have changed and advancement comes in their life. There are a lot of cloths benefits but I will tell you a few of them. Cloths can cover your body from harmful things. Clothes are made to cover the naked body of a human being.

The cloth is the first source we can differentiate between male and female. If we look at the western culture fashion is promoting day by day Because of fashion women are starting to wear men dresses so it is the side effect of fashion in western culture. Fashion cloth is mostly manufactured in a western country like the USA and Canada. Female start to wear mini dresses because of fashion so they enjoy more comfort in mini dresses.

There are some advantages of mini dresses it’s easy to wear as well as easy to purchase from the market at a low price. Long dresses are expensive which cannot afford the poor class people in the country. In clothes, people use to wear pant &shirts in America, UK, and Canada etc. The long shirts with pajama mostly use in Asia countries you can say that shalwar qameez or sari in India.

In the southern countries of the USA, female wear long shirts with pants which are good in the winter season. Now a day’s these females also following the modern American culture. Nowadays short shirt is getting popularity day by day in modern culture. Female cloth fashion manufacture industries are increasing all over the world because it’s a good earning business.

Shoe fashion for modern women

shoes are worn on feet which help to protect our feet from the harmful thing and give comfort to the feet. It’s the second blessing invented of science for the modern world. Now we have seen a thousand different types of shoes in the market for male and female. Now a day’s Women started work on fashion shoes like high heel shoes and low heel shoes. Modern and stylish ladies are using high heel shoes for more beauty and attraction.

There are a few advantages of high heel shoes for female, they look tall in high heel shoes which helps to increase in women height short woman can get the benefit of high heel shoes. Mostly women are injured due to high heel because they are unbalanced their weight and fell down on the floor. But mostly old age ladies use low heel shoes which are better for them and feel safe and comfortable. you can see two types of shoes warm shoes and cold shoes .warm shoes are used in winter and cold shoes are used in summer. Raining and snowshoes are different than normal shoes.

Makeup fashion

The source of beauty for the female in the modern era female use makeup to change their look and get beauties on their face. Makeup is the only source which brings a lot of changes in beauties in women. What is the makeup stuffs for female which is following .whitening cream, face wash, beauty soap, light cream scrub, and a cleaning brush?

Whitening cream is the use to give fair color for the face in sunny day sometime female use sun block cream for the protection of face skin. Face wash clean the dust from your face and give shine to the face, you feel fresher after wash your face. Beauty Soap is used whenever you take a bath which helps to clean your all body from dust and swelling. Beauty is the need for proper maintenance of your body. All the makeup process is done with the help of brushes which make proper cleaning of the face. Bride uses makeup for her wedding event. model use makeup during catwalk on stage. Makeup is

 Hair fashion

Hair is the beauty parts of the female body, if a woman has good hair she looks more attractive and beautiful. I have seen in western countries most women have golden hair they look so amazing in this color of hair. Hair is the great gift for women from God, Many women want long hair but few women want short hair life male but long hair is very suited for women. In modern culture day by day female focus on the new style of hair.

Shining hair has its own value,  Girls use oil and shampoo for giving their hair. There are a thousand types of hair oils and shampoo in the market. Red hair also mostly women like but black hair has no compare. Young fashion model trims their hair according to the new style and fashion from the special person. Now a day’s female use straighter to straight their hair it’s a simple device which helps to make your hair dry and straight. The USA is doing a great job in the field of fashion for female. Asian ladies have black hair and they want long hair with shining. The top celebrities use modern technology to settle their hair on the proper place on the head but common female use comb to settle down their hair on the specific place on her body. Golden hair fashion is on top of the modern ages.

Tattoos fashion

Now a day’s tattoos fashion is very common among female of western culture. They are making tattoos on their body to increase their body and differentiate her from other ladies. Modern tattoos make on the body by electric pins by cutting their skin it’s very painful for the time being but its very perfect tattoos for the long term, It is called permanent tattoos. We can see many tattoos on female body which is made by pen or marker which is temporary tattoos, it will finish within a few months from the body.

Female prefer tattoos on different parts of the body like on hand, on the leg, on Neck, on the shoulder and on the backside of the body. The famous tattoos mostly female like flower tattoos and spider tattoos on their body. This tattoos fashion started from the western culture now it’s started in all over the world. Few women want to make signature tattoos on their body. Young girls are motivating day by day for tattoos fashion,  70%  female want to make tattoos on their body.

Female Eyebrow fashion

The eyebrow is the beauty part of the face for male or female. Without Eyebrow female look not good so by getting this beautiful part of face female make the different style of the eyebrow. There is the concept of the long eyebrow and short eyebrow, Now the trend is long eyebrow fashion in the modern world. The black eyebrow is very prominent on the face which gives more beauty for female.

Black kajal is used to decorate the eyebrow of the female. If we start to count the blessing of God we cannot count the blessing for the human being. The top model and celebrities have special eyebrow style mostly follower try to copy their eyebrow style in their daily life.

Female Nail fashion

women nail fashion

Nail fashion is very common in the female all over the world. The current fashion of nails is long nails with color. A young lady wants long nails with different colors on every nail, It is called Nail polish. Nail polish is a fashion product of western culture for female. Female used a specific brush to polish their nails. Mostly ladies want the way of natural nails, they cut nails, they like short nails.

White long nails are very attractive and very suit for female. There is the multi color of nail polish on the market such as black, Brown, Red and gold nail polish. Few women are used artificial nails on their finger for more attraction and beauties in their daily life. New technology has invented nowadays for nails cutter and nail polish.

Female Goggles fashion

women glasses fashion

The more and upcoming fashion is google fashion in the female. Black goggle fashion is very common in a woman during the sunny day.  Young teenage girls mostly love goggles fashion in all corner of the world. Goggles more suited for a tall lady because of her goggle dominant on her face.

Why female are going towards goggles fashion nowadays? Because it’s a new fashion all over the world and it’s also cover half face and eyes protected from the sunlight. There are different types of goggles female are using now a day’s which are following, Brown goggle, Red goggle, and black goggle. The icon and modern celebrities’ women want goggle fashion and purchase high quality and expensive goggle from an international market. Few goggle are on top in the market such as Ribbon glasses and Sunglasses

Female purse fashion

Purse fashion is very common among women and purse fashion like all women in the world. Purse fashion is their need now a day because they keep all their precious things in purse for protection. The elite women purchase high quality and expensive purse for their daily use. There are different colors of purse available in the market for the female but most women want to purchase the color of a purse which resembles their clothes.

If the color of a purse and her clothes color is matching it’s called purse fashion. The purse is made of leather or high classic clothes which is different than normal clothes, Even the size of the purse is different such as money purse, makeup purse, and their daily use purse. The purse price depends on the quality of the purse. I have seen in the market the Gold purse which is very expensive only elite female can afford that price.

Female coat and sweater fashion

women coat fashion

Coat and sweater are used in winter season but now a day’s its fashion to wear a stylish coat and sweater in a different season for female. In western countries, the weather is very cold in winter so it’s essential to wear a coat and sweater to protect the body from the cold temperature. It’s a new fashion in the USA to wear a long coat in rain and snowfall . Canada is the cold country too so people in Canada use long coat and sweater in winter or during snowfall in Canada. Sometimes a wind storm there during winter season so long coat is must for them.

Long coat fashion is mobilizing in all corner of the world. There are two types of coat people use in their daily life, the formal coat which is official use which is wear on dress pant. The second fashion coat is long coat which is use in their normal routine.

Teeth fashion women

women teeth fashion

Teeth fashion is day by day increase in modern society because teeth are the most prominent part of the face. People love the shining teeth having proper cleaning and white color. If we look all over the world the people color teeth is the same white in all countries. Some elite people use gold teeth which is not affordable for common people of the world, Female look more beautiful in simple white beautiful teeth with shining.

There are a proper tooth pest and brush to clean up the teeth which are daily used mostly female to make clean their teeth and shining. For special cleaning, the dental doctor does proper treatment for internal cleaning of teeth and mouth. The best time for teeth cleaning is an early morning after breakfast and cleaning after dinner at night. Mostly famous toothpaste is Colgate, white English toothpaste. Now a day’s science has invented new technology to fixed the teeth on its particular place inside the mouth so mostly female are getting that technology benefit too in their daily life.

Jewelry fashion for women

women jewelry fashion

is the beauty of the female, Jewelry is made for the female in the world. Jewelry fashion trend is very common in the world among female. Jewelry are different types, Gold Jewelry, and Diamond Jewelry. Female use both for their body decoration as well as to show the world her beauties by wearing jewelry and no doubt women look so beautiful in jewelry. There are so many jewelry women wear on their body like Ring, Necklace, ear jewelry. Ring Jewelry is very famous in the world which is given to fiancé on her engagement ceremony by her future husband.

Necklace jewelry most gifted to their relative and friend female. Now a day’s Gold watch fashion is rising in female and women love to wear the Gold watch on her hand.  Gold jewelry price in the market is reliable as compare to Diamond jewelry price. Diamond Ring is highly demanded of women in the western culture. This trend in jewelry fashion is going up in the Asian countries. In few countries of Asia jewelry is a must on wedding ceremony of a bride.

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