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How Fashion of the Worlds Could Get You on omg! Insider

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The world is going fast and getting the change in sense of every Aspect. It is 21 century the world is shifting towards modernism and advancement and changing their living standard. If we look at every country living style we will see many changes day by day. people call it progress, diversity, and freedom. If we talk about modern and developed countries we will come to know and f


amiliar with these countries which are following.

  1. United state of America fashion
  2. Canada fashions
  3. United Kingdom fashions
  4. France fashions
  5. Germany fashions
  6. Thailand fashions
  7. Chines fashions
  8. Asia fashions.
  9. Arab Fashion

United state of America fashions

America is the most fast-growing country of the world in fashion trend. There are many fashion designers and fashion creators in the USA. The people of American started their fashion life in the 18 century and its fashion design and brand is very famous and popular all over the world. The USA is the payee nor of the fashion world. American is the first country to start give education for their people about fashion and modernism. The fast-growing technology and ideas mostly from western countries. fashion show every year held in the USA in New York, California, and Florida. In the United state of American, we can say two types of fashion Sothern fashion as well as Northern fashion. Even Different fashion clothes and culture we will find in 52 states of America .fashions is the really valuable invention of American for the people of the world. Today all countries are following American fashion as well as marketing their brand in the country and out of the country. Hollywood celebrities are the best model as well fashion promoter of the United state of America.

The contribution of the USA  in the Fashion world

There is the countless contribution of America to the fashion world because the USA is the first country who has started designing. The USA gave new brands to the entire fashion world. Fashion mini dresses introduce by the USA to the world. fashion shoes design and build up first time in American and given that knowledge to all across the world fashion. I have the question in my mind that why American is the inventor of everything? The answer is very simple which is that they are given facilities and time for creativity that’s why they have many brands in the world. Every action in the world is first taken by American. It is the blessing to them and they have changed their living standard which is very high and perfect being a civilized nation. They wear quality dresses with expensive price. I like their standardize life because they believe in quality not in quantity. They prefer to use quality products which must be reliable and reasonable.

Washington DC on top in the fashion show

The most recent popular show will be conducted on 19 September 2018 in Washington DC of the united state of America. Hundred and thousand models and celebrities will participate in this big fashion show in the world. New branded products will be launched in the market which is consist of the new design on proper dimension. Modern’s clothes and dresses show to the public through cat walking for winter seasons. Celebrities are the fortune people they will definitely join this fashion show and enjoy a lot.

Canada Fashion

The second largest country of the world it is considered as the most developed country. Canada is very good economically as well as in inventor sectors. The capital of Canada is Ottawa which is the very modern city of Canada where the elite of Canada living in that city. In Canada Toronto and Ottawa playing the good role to promote the Canadian fashion in the world. Every week there is the fashion show in Ottawa which is caused to attract the people of the world towards Canadian fashion. Mostly Canada weather is very cold so people in Canada prefer to wear long fashion with the long coat.

Fashion of Toronto

one of the multicultural city of the world is Toronto which is located in Canada. We can see in Toronto different multicultural people having to wear their cultural dresses in the fashion street in Toronto every week. Fashion is highly appreciated in Canada and the public goes for modern fashion trend day by day.

Alberta fashion

Alberta is the city of beauty and modernizes in Canada. The University of Alberta working on new designing and inventing things for the world. Fashion designing is the course in university to pattern the advance dresses with the new design for the modern people of Canada.

United Kingdom fashion

England is a good example of new fashion in the 21 century. The UK growing economic and worth is just of fashion and modern research. The people are working on innovation and creativity. London is the place which is very famous in the world in every aspect. Mostly fashion show organized in London which is the connecting place of the world. The world modern models and celebrities mostly come to join London fashion which mostly consists of the new brand and amazing designing. London people are really attractive and beautiful due to its weather. Uk weather is mostly cloudy and raining. The British people are very natural people actually they believe in realistic. You can say that fashion is the soul and beauty of London male and female.

London plays a vital role to introduce new fashion to the world with a new brand and designing. London fashion week is the best show in the world which is the happy and pleasure moments for all travelers and celebrities across the world. Mini dresses fashion is on top in London due to freedom and prosperity of UK. London is considered as one of the top beautiful Capital of the world. The UK almost at on front line all time to provide good fascistic and platform to the models and celebrities. Queen of the UK is the big fan of London fashion week show she still attends the show mostly.

France Fashion

france fashion women

The country of European Union France which is getting favoritism and popularity in the eyes of modern people. Actually, France people are very decent and dashing people. They respect other culture too. The capital of France is Paris the world most beautiful place on the planet. Paris fashion week show which is very famous in Europe. Thousand Hollywood and Bollywood movies shouted in Paris because of its beautician.

The key role of France in fashion

France has been spreading Europe fashion all over the world many years ago. France people wear unique dresses on different occasions which are highly followed in the world.

Germany fashion


The world leading country in fashion is Germany along with France. In the capital of Germany Berlin where every week fashion show will be held. German is famous for its elegant and designing. In Berlin, mostly fashion events and fashion show will take place. The world top class and elite model and celebrities happy to join German fashion events.

Thailand fashion


Thailand is the modern place of multicultural people of the different countries people. The Bangkok is very famous for the fashion show. Young models and celebrities mostly join Thailand fashion show. Thailand culture different with respect to other culture of the world.

Chinese fashion

Chinese are different in culture as well as in looking according to their body structure and dressing style. The Beijing of China is very popular for fashion in the world. China is covering all the world markets for its products from children stuffs to adult stuff. China is very best in manufacturing the fashion clothes.

Asia fashion

Asia is the emerging fashion world nowadays if we look and know about the countries of Asia. Korea on top in Asia for fashion. The South Korea is the only country in Asia who is working on fashion lot. Korean products are very famous all over the world. The makeup cosmetic stuffs mostly come in the market from Korea across the world.

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