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How fashion effect people daily Life

fashion effect

In the current situation, fashion effect all people because everyone wants the new brand with a new style and design. It bringing many changes and awareness in society as well as in culture. In western culture, they highly value to fashion and they are adopting. In British people, fashion is very common because there is a lot of fashion school and fashion show will happen every year.

The concept of fashion started in western and British people because mostly brand come from western.

Fashion affected other countries

fashion created problems for other countries because the modern and teenage start follows modern fashion .they don’t value their culture and customs. So you can that it is a Negative effect of fashion on the different culture. In few countries, mini dress is not allowed like Iran,  Sudia Arabia, and Kuwait. Fashion brought positive changes as well because it increases the export and import of textile industries and generates good revenue for its country. Fashion changes many minds as well as their way of spending life. That’s why people change their clothes three times in the day, one for office dress then after office they wear the home dress then they wear night dress you can say that its total fashion.

Fashion common in the world.

It is very common in the world that everyone wears clothes and shoes according to their culture and country law and order but in the new era, the modification and demonstration of fashion gradually change. In the old age I mean in past age people live naked due to lack of facilities now people want to like wear the mini dress and prefer naked even they have all fasciitis so you can say that this world moving towards again stone age. In western culture you can walk naked in the street people will not say anything

Fashion effect in France

Fashion is an important feature in the economic and cultural landscape of France. First of all, we need to understand the true nature of fashion products. Fashion products are available to me. 4 styles are aesthetic and artistic dimensions often associated with designers and brands. It causes a short circuit and a new renewal, and it is in the current trend, and sometimes it can determine the future prospects.
These different aspects relate to Charles Baudelaire’s views on modernity, which he sees as “Shedding temporarily, by chance, half of the artwork is half-eternal and transformed.” Fashion is a part of modernity that embraces both the creativity of the designer and the inspiration of the consumer. For fashion, each one is in fashion. While there is also the tradition of our past and the future of our design, fashion is an important part of our economy and society. The main activity of fashion is to choose the way we dress and decorate ourselves. Wearing objects that reflect the identity we want to create and the emotions that flow through us. Fashion is always swinging between personal expression and promising segments. But all major brands of France – as well as many young labels – are more creative than consumers. That does not mean they misunderstand consumers and their customers. But they are confident that their designers are free to express their artistic talents. This approach also maintains a sense of continuity with the French tradition, which has its origins in compassion and baroque, where art is more important than direct benefit. Brands will develop their imagination, apply creative power, and convey the emotions that will be reflected in the consumer’s time spent experimenting. This focus on creativity and international development explain the economic weight of the French brand, with annual sales of only 45 billion Euros. This figure is up to 67 billion if we combine brands related to the French group.
The creativity and success of French designers and brands are separate from the training expertise and craftsmanship that make their products. This culture takes place directly from the traditions of the decorative arts and Haute Couture. As fashionable, it was conjectured by Rose Bertin, Marie Antoinette. The ‘fashion minister’ begins to free the female body while also adorning her creations with lace embroidery and rose petals. While the industry is ready to wear fashion and functionalism it has certainly increased since then. French fashion never refuses to refurbish or cease to maintain the link between creation and technique. Thus, in the fashion industry, there are 140,000 jobs focused on the development of individual products and smaller sets, so it’s closer to traditional craftsmanship than the method. The ‘big industry’ brand itself has its own workshop where tens of thousands of high-quality employees give shape to the creativity of their designers and studios, and cautiously provide the high quality of their masterpieces. They
Crafts and industry expertise is spread throughout France. Some have developed specific areas such as clothing in Choletais and silk in the Lyons. But it is Paris that fashion will be presented in a global fashion scale. Paris week held both fashion and women’s clothing and menswear, will take over 38 days of the year. It’s time for the most international fashion week: 50. % of non-French display brands in addition to the leading French brand launches. Paris Fashion Week’s fashion is fundamental in itself. The show and its related activities generated over 400 million Euros a year, not counting trade shows linked to fashion weeks that have been attended by tens of thousands of experts from all over the world leading to total spending. Over 1.2 billion Euros per year
there is no doubt that the digital revolution, which affects all levels of the value chain, is changing. Promoting Identity and Continuing Professional Development: The Code of Conduct for Haute Couture is a benchmark. French fashion is under the challenge of sustainable development. Brands that gather French fashion will be set to tackle this issue in the coming years to ensure that their ecological and social credibility is bolstered. Identity from Their environmental impact will be worth creative in that it will be of economic importance to French fashion. The industry is an important part of the past, present, and future of France.

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