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History of the first fashion mall in America the square fashion mall

Fashion square mall
Fashion Square Mall is a closed shopping center located on the northern edge of Saginaw Charter Township, Michigan. It was the first fashion mall in America so it was very popular in the US as well as all over the world. Fashion Square Mall is a shopping mall of fashion kinds of stuff and collection of united state.

Importance of Fashion Square Mall

Fashion Square mall is the place where people sell their fashion clothes to the clients in the united state of America. Because it popularity people visit the mall and buy all fashion desire cloths from the fashion square mall that’s the reason a good place is required to promote the fashion culture and its stuff from where public easily can buy their requirements. These are the countless benefit of the square mall for everyone. You can start your own business in the square mall the second things it’s a cluster where all varieties of fashion available in different shops so it is very easy for clients to buy things from one place. So it mutual benefit to clients and shopkeeper.

Fashion mall and its categories.

there are different types of fashion mall you will see in the market that I want to discuss few of them here one most famous fashion mall is fashion clothes mall where you can get all size of clothes as well as different colors of clothes with different variety and designs.
The second fashion mall is the shoe fashion mall you can get the different variety of shoes with good design. shoes mostly use in winter season but officially shoes are the part of uniform .summer shoes are different than winter shoes because of it lighter in weight as well as soft.
Mostly in fashion mall the hairdresser available in one shop to make haircut of male and female because it’s also categorize of fashion.

History of Fashion Square Mall

An American man visited a village which was very far away from city people of village visit to the city for purchasing different every day. He reached the village and got together with all the village people and said to them please allowed me to live in this village. He said I had a good idea for you people in your village so that All villagers decided to allow him. He started to live in the village it was his 2nd day in the village he announced the people that he was going to open a shop in the corner of the village and all villagers come there to purchase their stuff they did not need to go city. He said all the village made their own fashion product in your homes like clothes and other stuff. He was willing to give them money then all villager happy and start to sell him their handmade products .so that shop gradually converted into the fashion shop in the village. After 2 years he hired an assistant a girl in his shop. she was 22 years old girl. He opened the new shop in the city was name fashion shop then that shop converted a big mall which is called now fashion square mall in the USA.

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