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Where do head lice come from?

where do lice come from

You can call head lice an obligate parasite. The origin of the head lice has been a very interesting topic for a number of people. This is one of the most common questions that almost every person wants to know. You must have eager to know about the interesting history and origin of the lice.

Head lice are the parasites that found on the scalp of the human head. It is observed that children are an easy target and mostly affected by the lice. There are a number of reasons that can cause a serious problem of itching due to their presences where do lice come from. A number of different species of lice have been brought to light. Head lice commonly have a human host. The head lice are totally dependent on their host. So the perception of getting them from your animal pet is totally wrong. There is a perception among a number of people that head lice come from the air or from ground. This perception has also been degraded by the different studies that are made on this species. It is also reported that Egyptian mummies have also been suffered from the lice which were found dried with their eggs on their hairs and scalp.

History of where do lice come from of lice?

Extensive research showed different origins of the lice. The most appropriate study revealed that lice evolution has been traced back to the evolution of the Homo sapiens (human beings). It is also reported that in the early 17th and the 19th century the elite class of the Europe was taught how to deal with the lice. The learning included the efficacious ways to comb the lice. The findings of the crafted gold combs for this purpose reveals the most appropriate and authentic proofs of their presence. Hence the question where do lice come from can be precisely answered by the supportive facts from history.

Where do lice come from- Early history

Early history also made researchers enable to answer precisely the question of where do lice come from. The studies brought this into the light that in the 4th century, the Chinese had probably discovered the powder that is extracted from the dried flowers of chrysanthemum (a native Asian flower) that considered being the most effective solution for getting rid of head lice.

The early 1300’s finding also adds to the something interesting to the history of the lice. It is found that Marco Polo might have brought a powder along with him to Europe for the treatment of the head lice. A number of different treatments were also applied in the early 17th century. In 1758, one official species was declared as a human louse. This human louse was then named as “pediculus humans”.

Geographic Origins

Human head lice can be categorized on the basis of their genetic makeup. The most common categorization is based on Clades. Clades can be referred as the organisms that often live in the groups which are mostly indifferent genetically to one another. The other characteristic of the clade includes the sharing of the common ancestor. There are three main clades of the human head lice. These clades are given the name A, B, and C. These clades have different geographic distribution with varying genetic characteristics. Journal of Parasitology classified the clade B head lice of North American origin which were migrated to Australia and Europe.

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