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Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017

Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017

Look for a natural haircut that suits the shape of the face and looks spectacular according to trends With the arrival of the new year always fancy a change of look, but sometimes we do not know very well how to carry it out. Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017, Changing the hairstyle from time to time brings freshness to our style and although we do not change the way we dress, it will give us a fresh and modern air.

To help you with the election, we present different hairstyles that will be worn in 2017 and with which you will surely get it right:

Hairstyles For Elongated Faces

If the shape of your face is elongated you should achieve a hairstyle that widens your face. Short hair may be one of the best options. Avoid the effect of elongation of the face. Decanoate for a hairstyle with volume but leave the neck exposed. You can also opt for a half mane as it rounds your face. And if you add that you have curly hair you will achieve the perfect look.

Undoubtedly, the cut to avoid is long hair. In this way, we will only be able to lengthen the face more. If you still bet on it, cut it into layers to give volume to the hair.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017
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There are many possibilities to conceal the round face. The first one is a medium long hair pulling. It is ideal that you do not have many layers to not create volume. You can add open bangs that lengthen the face.

If your hair is curly again opt for a long mane that does not have much volume since the wavy hair tends to frame the round faces. The pixie style is another good choice for this type of face. A short haircut with fringe trimmed also short.

Hairstyles With CurlsHairstyles To Be Worn in 2017

For curly hair, the new year brings a variety of news that you can not miss. It is well known that this type of hair is difficult to tame, but a pixie cut with natural waves is ideal. You can also get a more aggressive touch by shaving one side of your head. For medium-long cuts, it is advisable to give volume to the curls, climb them and cut a very smooth bangs.

Bob Haircut

Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017
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The bob style is fashionable and perfect for any season. It contributes a classic and refined air. It is comfortable and versatile. This cut can have different widths: above the ears, below or at shoulder height. They can wear it with both straight and curly hair.

Shag HaircutHairstyles To Be Worn in 2017

Another sure hit for midi manes is the shag cut. It is a cut with many layers that provide movement to the hair. It was a trend in the 80’s and this year comes back strongly, If you change your hair style let’s see other Hairstyles To Be Worn in 2017 hair style.


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