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Hairstyles for Boys According to face Shapes

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Styling your hair properly plays a very important role in making up you personality. You have a good hairstyle you have all that you need in a day. Good hair gives you self-confidence and positivity in your daily life routine. So yes! You need to have a perfect look for your hair. There are plenty of trendy hairstyles for boys, but it’s not necessary that each hairstyle suits you. How would you know which hairstyle suits you? It won’t be wise to try them all and look ridiculous at times. You must style your hair according to your face shape. Balancing is the key here. But first, you must find out what is your face shape because if you don’t keep the balance between your hairstyle and face shape, you may end up in a disaster.

Face shapes

  • A round face has rounded cheekbones, and the face is equally tall and wide.
  • In an oval face, face shape resembles the shape of an egg with the moderately rounded jaw.
  • In square face cheekbones and jaw are equally wide, jaw line is square and face is almost equally tall and wide.
  • In a longer/oblong face, the face is longer than the width and cheekbones, and jaw is equally wide.
  • A triangular face has a pointed chin and wider forehead and cheeks.
  • In a diamond face, jawline and forehead are narrow, and the widest part of the face is cheeks.

For Round Face

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You need to provide balance to your face. Avoid round or full hairstyles because such hairstyles for boys will make the face look more round. Style the hair higher at the front and top and keep the sides thin to keep balance. Some waves at eye level or an off-center part will help to make your face look less round.

For Oval Face


If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky as this shape is thought to be an ideal face shape. If you have an oval face, you can have any hairstyle because almost any hairstyle suits this face shape.

For Square Face


As explained for the round face the sides must be kept leaner, thin and short whereas the top must be slightly higher and longer. Keep the area around your ear clean.

For Longer/Oblong face


Here balancing means making you face looks less long. To achieve this keep your hair longer on the sides and slightly short on the top. Try hairstyles with some layers. Additional balance can be acquired by a groomed beard, but it shouldn’t be too long as your face is already long.

For Triangular Face


In hairstyles for boys with the triangular face, narrow the forehead area which will make the pointed chin looks wide. This way you can balance your face shape. Also, offset part with side swept bangs can be helpful.

For Diamond face


For this face prefer high volume and layered hairstyles to minimize cheekbones’ width. Swept Bangs can also help in this regard.

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