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Hair style and makeup for modern Girls and Women

Hair and makeup

Are you looking for wedding makeup tips before a big day? Do not look any more, we’ve put together 20 things and do not want the bride with some experts to make sure you’re flawless regardless of the wedding budget. And when you are ready here, check out the wedding planning guide and browse our wedding hairstyle inspirations to help you with all the other aspects of your great day.

How to treat your skin and hair

“All day and night skincare is so important for at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding that your skin is ready for a big day,” says Zara Findlay, a professional artist of Bobbi Brown, who helps keep the makeup and keep up the skin all day long.”Make sure you have tried at least three weeks, but no more than five weeks before your wedding. If you are going to use a fake tan for a big day, make a test before a makeup test so that the artist can see the skin’s color tanning,” says M · A · C’s senior artist Rebecca Butterworth.” its best on a day of the experiment, try your best day of testing, make sure your hair is over and wear jewellery to see how common the look gets married this day,” adds Zara.

Use a colored t-shirt that resembles your dress

If you do a make-up test at a store, you’ll see what makeup looks and take a picture of you in daylight (without flash) to see what it looks like before you buy anything.” says makeup hostess Caroline Barnes. Kate and Meghan apparently sewed her in her dresses to avoid wardrobe dysfunction

Highlight your eyes

“It’s about choosing the right tone for the color of your eyes, you want to make sure that the feature that stands out is your eye and not a pleasant feature.” Another technique to bring your eyes to maintain the color intensity and depth closer to the eyelash line, “adds Zara.

Consider the color

It is important to take care of hair and makeup for the bridal remembers, bridal makeup is enough color to replace the dress’s whiteness. There’s a big difference between daily clothes and wedding dress, so there’s a difference between your makeups, starting by making sure that your skin is smooth and smooth and adds color to your cheeks and lips.”

Use false eyelashes

“It’s an excellent way to make your eyes stand out and make them much more subtle than the whole track – use different lengths to create a truly natural look and push them between natural eyelashes instead of setting them up yourself,” says Rebecca.

Do not skip the basics

“Focus on the most important look, such as natural skin, lightly shaped eyebrows, and feathered eyelashes. If you understand these basics, the rest of the makeup will be introduced,” Caroline Barnes says.They may differ slightly from your daily makeup routine, for example, if you want to draw a shadow, increase its duration by applying it slightly to a wet angle,” Bobbi explains.

Wedding makeup tips



Wedding hair and makeup for the modern women of the world best suited for wedding dresses can take as long as you do it, I like the M · A · C Prolong wear line that contains foundations, lips and eyes products that stick to the overwhelming way that you can live your marriage day and night,” When we think of an exhibition, we often think of great images – moments, pictures and scenarios.

But when we think of characters, we mostly think of people themselves. This mental image of the face, hair, costume, and artist uses these elements in the presentation. I think of a “green girl”. I’m thinking of Phantom and the way that designer Maria Bjornson’s makeup is completely successful in creating a balance between the monster and the human being. Both hair and makeup designers have a decisive and often underestimated role in all production, hair styling and styling for performers in a way that fits into characters and production. Hair and makeup makers can have a powerful effect on nature and production – where would Sweeney be without his white, shadowy face or ghost without his ears or the famous dancing cats who do not have the cat’s features?

Hair and Design

Like consumers, Hair and makeup fashion in the culture in the modern world. Hairdressers need to analyze the work involved and create hairstyles for the time, the interior and the style. Hairstylists usually work with the director and dress designer by creating each style appropriate for the character and those artists to find out what they want to change. Decrease or change their style dramatically in the room? Which hair dyes best fit the mark? It’s hard to imagine Queen Elizabeth, for example, without her red hair. Or Nellie For bush from the South Pacific, without her shaved blond hair, delightfully short. In some respects, hair stylists may use wigs, hair follicles, false cuts, shoulders or figs or hair extensions that can be shaped or modified to meet the requirements of the exhibition.

Artistic makeup and design

At a more practical level, the makeup artist must also ensure that the created look is as effective as the first line in the last line and vice versa and that, if necessary, performers can accurately visualize the appearance of each performance. In order to create a specific mark, makeup designers and artists need to take into account not only the issues (and interaction) of practical illumination and color, including the age and circumstances of the figure. In this case, makeup artists tend to be very satisfied with the use and application of prostheses. The prostheses are able to magnify or alter facial features, increasing the appearance of age, wounds, scars, etc.

Proteins are usually made from foam or latex, but recently they can also be made from silicone or gelatin materials. The prosthesis is mostly used with chewing gum, a stubborn and respected adhesive that keeps the prosthesis in place. Makeup artists are usually very pleased to demonstrate the application and technology of makeup performers and also have invaluable resources by choosing the right products for performance. Performers of theaters, dance, and other exhibitions are usually working on special theater masks known earlier as “greasepaint” specially designed for endurance, including under the show’s pregnancy and light.


The work process of hair stylists and make-up artists typically involves scenario analysis, creative discussion with the director and customer designer, then research, design, and writing. The designer meets the artist and looks for an exhibition that, when the director approves, acts as a model for all presentations. Designers often document the appearance of these designs in polygonal photos as well as step by step throughout the creation or design process.

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