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Hair Extensions: Enjoy Long Hair

Hair extensions for short hairHair Extensions: Enjoy long Hair

Hair Extensions: Enjoy Long Hair | Being trendy is in fashion and if you are the one who follows every trend so you would know it that long hair is in fashion. But you don’t have long hair and you tired of your short hair? Need a change? But it takes months to grow your hair back. There is an instant solution for this problem. Hair extensions for short hair are available. Now you don’t have to wait for weeks and enjoy the party with your long and natural hair. These extensions are same as your natural hair so no one will give you the perfect look for your party.

What your stylist need: hair extensions

Not only just the girls love to have them but the celebrities also use it and it is the foremost thing their stylist recommends. If your hair is cut short by accident or you were in love with short hair back, then. It’s time to change. Ever wonder that how actress changed their hairstyle from short hair to long hair in a just couple of minutes, it’s the magic of these extensions. They are available in different sizes, colors, and texture. You can choose one according to your hair type.

What extensions can do?   

Extensions do not only add length to your hair but also adds volume to them. You could try different hairstyles from the low ponytail, high ponytail, buns to braids. You can even curl or straighten them. You can play around as you like with this magic tool! How cool is that! You could experiment with your look only just by playing with your hair. A perfect hairstyle results into perfect and confident you. You could be the eye of the event. And it is always said that girls with the longer hair tend to be hot!

Types of extensions:

  • Micro-Bead/Micro-Ring

This is the safest method to apply for extensions because no glue, heat, and tape is required you just have to attach the bead to your own hair and enjoy long lasting results.

  • Tape

Tape extensions are applied to your natural hair with the tape bond where it attached to the roots of your natural hair. They need to look after properly and avoid them from tangling by using blow-dry etc.

  • Clip-in

The easiest way to use an extension just tie the clip onto you roots but this happens to damage after frequent use and is not suitable for a natural look.

  • Sewn in/Weave

As the name shows they are weaved into your natural hair into a braid and are mostly used for curly or wavy hair to enhance their look.

  • Pre-bounded

They are attached to your hair through keratin-bond. It is one of the most popular but requires more parlor appointments for maintenance Hair extensions: enjoy long hair for womens.


So girls why wait up? Visit your nearest cosmetic store or order online for the perfect long hair you always wanted for yourself. To look more beautiful and to enhance your personality you need these hair extensions for short hair now!

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