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Does hair dye kill lice? Let us find out!


Head Lice is one of the most common health problems in children after common cold. School going children often get infected with this uncontrollable parasite and getting out of this problem seems like impossible. Parents all over world are disturbed with this common and wide spread problem with kids. There are many natural and artificial methods of getting rid of head lice. Being a very ancient human problem, every household, culture and geographic location have different ways and remedies to control this issue. One such popular remedy suggests using hair dyes. But question that arises is does hair dye kill lice or not? Like all other medications and procedures our mind just questions the effectiveness of this concept as well.

The answer to this ambiguity is simple. Yes, hair dye has ammonia, and ammonia does kill live lice in the hair. But for nits and eggs it is not that effective. But for those of you who want to try and see does hair dye kill lice, here is a small step by step guide:

  • Look out for the hiding places:

Killing lice means first find out where they are concentrated. Mostly lice close to the scalp of the head. They lay more eggs in the base of the head and behind the ear regions. These are the places where you will find the largest cluster of eggs or nits.

  • Relax the stickiness:

Soak your hair with vinegar. Leave it on for one hour minimum. Then you should comb the hair to remove all gluing agent of the nits. This agent helps the nits in sticking to the hair.

  • Combing effectively:

Although this procedure is about using hair dye to kill lice, combing the hair is a must before starting.

  • Application of the hair dye:

This is the only way to find out the answer to this query. Does hair dye kill lice? Apply the hair dye to all parts of the head in a thorough manner. Follow the hair dye procedure mentioned on the pack. Cover with aluminum foil for better results. You can remove the dye after 40 – 45 minutes. Wash thoroughly and rinse.

  • Use Anti Lice Shampoo:

Although the chemicals used in the hair dye are known to kill the live lice, you can use anti lice shampoo afterwards for more effective results. These shampoos are commonly available in the market and kill lice by adding poison or suffocate them to death.

  • Introduce Heat:

Heat and high temperatures of 130 degrees or above are known to kill all nits and lice. Using a hair dryer or straightening iron right after the hair dying procedure will further ensure the success of this procedure.

  • Repeat after some days:

Lice removal process is not a onetime process. It needs to be adopted continuous for a long period. You should repeat this procedure after few days or a week. Otherwise the problem will continue and even grow more.

This procedure will clarify your query: does hair dye kill lice or not.

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