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Getting a Perfect Hair Blow Out



Who says you can not blow out hair professionally at home. It is just possible by following some simple steps. You are professionally put out when you leave a salon. Will you be able to achieve that look again? Is it a magic or you can do such hair blowout at home? Yes, you can do it. You have to follow some right steps. A good hair blowout lasts for days even if you shampoo your hair correctly which most of us don’t do. If you know how to do it, it is easy to use. your blowout will last for several days. Use a dry shampoo to keep the grease in your hair at a distance.

Some Simple Steps

To blow out hair, follow these simple steps.

  • Prepare your hair and apply any heat protecting shiny spray. Separate the hair into three parts on from the front and one on either side.
  • Start to the back by placing a round brush in the roots and lifting it at 90 degrees to the top. For better results wrap the hair all around the brush. After a few second of heat set the hair with cool air. Gently remove the brush and secure the coil with a Barbie pin.
  • For each section of your hair remove the Barbie pin and smooth the hair with a bristle brush.
  • To add some volume, you can backcomb your hair. It should not be teasing just do a comfortable padding.

Some Mistake People Make When Blowing their Hair

Blow dry is an art which requires a right brush, right blow dryer and some tips and tricks. Use a right volumizer lotion or spray that makes our hair thick. You can massage this lotion into your hair to coat every strand. Pre-dry your hair with a hair dryer and use your fingers. A good hair dryer is necessary to blow out hair fast. You forget to section your hair which is a big mistake. Section them even of you have thin hair. It will also save time. Don’t dry from top to bottom. Dry from bottom to top. Use clips to make sections and blow out hair from bottom layers. Once they are done dry upper layers of your hair. Always stuck the nozzle on the end of the dryer. You can use your fingers as your blow-dry tool. Having a right brush is also very necessary.

Make sure that you will not use your hair dryer near your hair without first using a heat protection hair spray. All these sprays contain polymers that make a coat around our hair and protect them from heat. You have to pay more attention to the end because the ends are more delicate and damage fast. A good spray can protect your hair up to 450 degrees whether the hair is dry or wet. Always dry your hair roots first by leaning your head down. Try massaging your hair with fingers while blowing hot air in them.

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