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Fashion Valley is a place in America where American multi cinema exists to entertain the people of America. I have a question in my mind why people do visit the cinema in the crowd. The answer is very simple because they need entertainment and entertainment. You can fresh your mind by visiting such places like fashion valley AMC. There is two way through you can entertain yourself first way is that you do visit such scenic beauty of nature place .2nd way is that you do visit in public place like movie theatre .you see there picture and movies for your mind refreshment. So In America thousand people enjoy their life by visiting fashion valley AMC which is located in San Diego.
I want to share you my own story here It was my first time in cinema with my friends in 2003 I was totally shocked that what a nice environment here to entertain yourself because there was a big hall with full of a comfortable chair and big screen on the wall. I was watching pictures there with full sound and beautiful graphics so I really enjoyed a lot there with my friends.
Its a western tradition that to free from tension they take help of movies and other entertainment sites like fashion valley AMC. Mostly people want to listen to songs to refresh their mind and most people read Noval books. Its depend on mood and mind .one of my friend enjoy a lot during play a game that his way of refreshment but in western people there mind and culture is totally different so they mostly prefer highly peaceful place and fresh place to get inner peace in their body that’s why on Christmas day thousand of American and British people visit cinemas for entertainment because its happy day for them and its mostly holiday in all over the world. Now this culture is moving towards sub continents that people visit cinema on special holidays like Eid holidays
If you know that you can enjoy in very less amount in cinemas because it will cost you 10 dollar mostly for one picture. What are the benefits of these place like fashion valley AMC? So the answer is very simple that it is a big platform to promote films and drama series as well as you can see highly fashioning and stylish postcard on the side of the wall which telling you about the film and dressing. The Hollywood films are very famous in the world and the celebrities are highly paid in Hollywood that’s why I want to join Hollywood if I get a chance in my life.
Hollywood models are also highly paid to do a show for fashioning so its a good and nice place for enjoyment and entertainment. If you look at the history of Bollywood you will find that it’s not too much old Nowadays Bollywood films are comparatively competitor of Hollywood films because they produce a big star like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Amir Khan.
They are renowned all over the world by their film character that’s why they are considered the world famous star. I ndian culture is mixed culture they are not pure properly like American and British culture. Multi culture is another issue because they have the big challenge to accept other culture and follow them it’s not so easy. Fashion Valley AMC is the first American entertainment place which is very popular until now all over the world. It was the first source at that time to promote films and fashion collection. Now a days every country trying a copy of fashion valley of AMC in their country to make entertain their country people as well as to promote fashion collection by using these platform.
China is the world most emerging power as well as popular in filmmaking technology. China is the first country who is making their own culture of movies and films. Bollywood movies mostly make in western countries and adopted the fashion of western culture. In this modern age people view in natural stuff and people prefer to eat organic food and people are looking for real entertainment for their heart and soul .people of western tired by these cinemas and entertainment places so I would suggest to the young people think positive and do positive then you start feeling good. Thank you fashion valley AMC to give us awareness about entertainment.

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