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Fashion History, Modern Vs Old Fashion

Fashion history

In the stone age people were thinking about how to cover their naked body from harmful things and unfavorable weather with the passage of time and people mentally growth and started to develop things like clothes from wood cover or use leafs to protect their body. At that time it was the fashion to cover their naked body from cold and hot weathers. Now In this era, you can say that in this modern age the fashion definition has been changed. The fashion had been transferred totally.

Modern fashion comes from old fashion

fashion history

In the modern age fashion mean to be unique than other if we define fashion in simple way fashion mean to wear mini dress with different design and colors. fashion history is not to much old in the early 1857 the first designer lady from western culture her design and brand was successful at that time but with respect to time the fashion culture transform from country to country and city to city by fashion exhibition events or fashion reps in street and fashion business which provides fashion design clothes for the people. One of my country journalist said in his TV report that sometime modernism fashion create problems in the society because society cannot accept other culture and modern traditional. If you look at the history turkey you will find that today turkey is considered modern country of the world because of turkey government band the people to adopted old tradition dresses and customs .so they followed the rule and adopted the new rule so fashion culture on top priority in turkey. Today Turkish models and Turkish fashion are very famous in the world.

Western fashion history

western fashion history

In western countries, people used to wear long coats and long shoes because the weather was not favorable for them with respect to time they brought many changes in society that how to wear dresses and shoes. They developed pants and coats with a tie for official so mostly official person used to wear that dress gradually this culture promoted in Asia and people followed that now its official dress too here in different countries of Asia. If I share you my view about women fashion in western culture so they wore the very long dress and protect their body from different things with respect to time they brought many changes. They started to manufacture clothes by hand and wore so they felt move comfort and peace in that dress so from onward textile industries start working. Today western women on top in fashion all the woman of the world inspired by their fashion and designing.

Asia fashion depends on culture fashion dresses.

asian fashion

In Asia, there are many fashion collection we have seen in Asia old fashion as well as modern fashion. The Asia people still respect their culture and traditions that’s why most people believe in old fashion but it is the modern age the world become a global village so western fashion reached in all countries and all cities. Young men and women like modern fashion and culture because you look more attractive in a modern fashion dress. I visited in many Asian countries like China and Korea they totally follow modern culture but in  Pakistan and India mostly people still believe in old culture.

Multi-culture can be issued for acceptance.

Multi-culture is the raising issue in western because thousand and million people live in western from the different culture so they have a lot of issue of the different culture because in western culture men can marry with men but in Asian Muslim culture it is strictly prohibited to adopt that culture. In Muslim culture, people believe in a family system but in western they have less believe in the family these are the culture difference. In western culture, a young boy is allowed to make girlfriend but in Muslim culture, it is not allowed. So we should respect all culture and tradition because all human being is respectable.

Fashion history is the history of learning and knows we can learn a lot from the old history of fashion. people can be changed but the history will not change it will remain history forever.

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