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Fashion Designer salary Ranges

fashion designer salary

It is expected that the overall workforce for fashion designers will be from 2010 to 2020, which is expected to have 21,500 fashion design jobs in May. About 40% of jobs in design are about industrial designers 17% and designers of art and self-employed designers, but overall income will lose at least 58% clothing industry. However, with their formal education in fashion design, their opportunities are excellent.

Initial pay

Primary salaries for fashion designers are widely different among nurse and labor designers and automatic jobs, but relatively low overall. Workers will be different from designers, designers, different education, experience, and skills. The United States. According to Bureau data bureaus, 10% full-time design salary was less than $ 32,500 in May 2010, with salary designers. At the top, 10% was $ 130,890 a year, and the average salary was $ 64,530 a year.


Generally, fashion designers are estimated and are expected to describe themes for costumes, including the selection of themes and tools for fashion designers, and estimating and expecting industrial photographs. , And endorsed to help sellers and sell their designs to consumers.

Education and experience

Though a trained designer does not need specific education, most successful candidates can get specially fashion designs such as fashion design or fashion trade. Fashion Design Designs include classroom instruction and manual labs in general sewing, clothes, color theory, modeling, fashion history and computer design plans.

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