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Fashion collection for young girls

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fashion girls
fashion girls

The world is moving towards fashioning day by day because young female and young male mostly prefer the new design and stylish stuff in sense of clothes and shoes as well their body stylish body fashion means in woman nail polishing hair cutting style and eyes brow style wearing jeweler and etc. In the global village world men and women both need new dresses according to their desire which must be in their range. In 2018 the western fashion and culture are promoting rapidly in Asian countries for this reason fashion market is gradually going up. Chinese fashion is some extent reliable and cheap because people can afford their clothes and other kinds of stuff that’s why Chinese textile is famous in the world because of reasonable prices of the Chinese market and mostly branded are manufacture in China because they provide reasonable labor. Mostly Hollywood and Bollywood fashion is popular across the world because mostly follow heroes and heroines they are role model for everyone. I am not talking about cultural fashion but I want to bring your attention to international fashioning world which is the basis of the new design with different patterns of color and styles. It depends on the exhibitions as well if the famous dress is wear by a famous actor or actress then mostly people follow and search that fashion in the market. I am very happy today because I purchased today my desire fashion dress from Dubai mall. it’s very fine quality and very soft stuff as well as beautiful color. People mostly like green and white color for wearing in summer but in winter their desire change and prefer black color.  Indian and Pakistani fashion also depends on western fashion like USA and UK fashion. If we talk about old culture fashion and collection we feel astonishing and disappointed because they have limited verities in the fashion field.



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