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In fashion dresses one thing is very common that these are manufactured by companies and it has design by designer . Spain promoting its highly valuable fashion stuff in the market in very reasonable prices. Spain models are very famous in the world because their presentation of fashioning is remarkable and outstanding . Asian models are very attractive but their countries are not more advanced in designing and fashioning new kinds of stuff for male and female in their countries so these countries depend on western developed countries for fashioning that's why they mostly follow western models Nowadays UAE is going up in the field of fashioning because mostly fashion exhibition show is held in Dubai . Indian models are very beautiful and Indian young entrepreneurs working on new designing and fashion in their country because its world 2nd largest population country of the world after China. China is working a lot on fashioning but still, they need more research on designing but China is the world largest manufacturer of textiles like pants, shirts, and clothes. But I want to share you my own experience that i really impress on Turkish women fashioning you can see the Turkish woman fashion dress in this picture , how does she look ? Uk is very popular country in the field of fashioning because they have good research on fashioning as well as designing . If you look at the wedding dress of Uk brides we will know that what a beautiful design made by their designer . Now a days mostly brides prefer  British wedding dress in all over the world. Russian models presentation of fashion collection is really impressive and attractive because they have good height and fair colour of skins. If your height is tall and fair colour of skin then you should wear long dress it will increase your beauty and give you good look .

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