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The cool and modern boy’s hair cuts

Today not only the girl’s style their hair with amazing styles and cuts that shock the world, but you will see the boys also with haircuts which are shocking and amazing. These days the boys try and cut their hair in a thousand different ways to look unique. Some will have razor sharp cuts, and some will have hair at the top while nothing around the ears, there are hundreds of boys hair cuts which you will see. Here are a few modem day hair cuts for boys.

The modern pompadour boys hair cuts

Pompadours are quite common and unique also. The pompadour haircut can be styled in different ways. This haircut gives the boys a classic twist of the early 60s.

boys hair cuts

Messy hairdo boys hair cuts

These days if a boy does not want to spend lots of money on getting a haircut, what he can do is just mess the hair by applying some gel and cutting the edges. It is the messy cut that involves cool short mess on the top of the head.


Spikes and quiffs of boys hair cuts

Another type of haircut which is quite trendy these days is the quiff cut with spikes. This haircut gives you a quiff with the spikes on top of the head. Boys with think hair love this haircut.


The suave haircut

This haircut involves cutting the hair form the sides of the ear but the hair at the top remains in length. The hair at the top is smoothly backswept with gel. This hair cut is quite famous among the boys from age 12 to 20.


The casual burr haircut

This haircut is quite famous among the black people. The boys who do not like long hair can have this burr cut. It is a haircut that involves cutting the hair very short, near to bald cut.


The undercut

This haircut is famous among boys. This haircut with its style is perfect for the boys of all ages. The hair at the top is voluminous and the hair s cut very short from the sides.


The Mohawk haircut for boys

This is a quite unique hair cut for boys that involve a Mohawk with a faded hairstyle around the ears. This style gives the boys a cute look.


High top haircut

This is yet another hair style that is quite famous among the boys of this age. The hair is cut all around the head, and the top of the head is voluminous. It is called the high-top haircut.


Taper haircut for boys

The taper is another haircut that is quite common among the boys of today. It is a style that suits the boys who have wavy hair with texture to it. This hair cut involves brushing the hair backwards and forming a wavy style.


There are so many boys hair cuts that are trending; the above mentioned are just a few. The boys of today like to dress up with a cool hairstyle and not just simple combed old fashioned backswept hair.

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