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How to choose the best hair color for myself?

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As normal human beings, we are never satisfied with the way we look. There is always something that could be better about our looks, like our hair color! A common question which we ask ourselves is what is the best hair color for me? Experimenting with hair colors is one of our top most favorite things to do (risky as well!). It is a big task to be able to decide on the perfect hair color which best suits your skin tone. We are never satisfied with the results because it could always be a little lighter or just a little bit darker! In this article, we will solve all your hair problems and guide you in determining the best hair color by your skin tone.

Understanding the relation between your skin tone and hair color

We may see someone with a hair color that looks downright disgusting with their skin tone. This is not an understatement. In fact, this is a big reason why that particular person may not be looking as good as they could! It is not attractive at all to be completely oblivious to your body needs and blindly follow the ongoing fashion trend. For instance, you may have a dark skin tone and the latest fashion hair color trend is ash blonde. It will be a crazy idea to get ash blonde because it will never go well with your skin tone!

This does not mean you have to be ashamed of your natural skin color. It has been gifted to you by God and has been passed down generation to generation. You should own it and learn to make the perfect hair color choice that will bring out the best in you!

Other factors you might want to consider

Other than skin tones, there are also other factors that can contribute and help in determining the right hair color for you. These factors will include

  • Natural eye color
  • Any colored lenses that you might wear on daily basis
  • Natural hair texture
  • Any hair treatments that you might have undergone in the past
  • Nature of any hair damages that you might have

Basic tips

There are a few basic tips that all world famous hair stylists and hair experts offer for anyone who might be considering a hair color change.

  • Examine your true natural skin color after a face wash, without any, makes up or cream/base/lotion
  • Skin color appears different in different lights. Therefore, best is to examine your skin color under the sun because that is where your skin appears at its most natural color
  • Determine the tone of your skin. Skin tones are mostly either warm or cool. Skin tones can also be easily determined by looking at the color of your veins.
  • If you have a light skin tone than you are most likely eligible for colors that are lighter such as ashes, blondes, platinum and pale hair colors
  • If you have a dark skin tone than hair colors like rich brown, deep red, mahogany or browns such as Auburn will be best suited for you.

Answering what is the best hair color for me shouldn’t be so difficult after this!

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