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Braces : Before and after

Braces Before and After

Braces Before and After

Braces Before and After Dental braces have been in for quite a long time now, either being kids or adults who do not want a beautiful smile and healthy teeth? Straight teeth are the dream of every age group, either beings adult or kids. A pretty face but crooked teeth lowers your personality so braces have been a help. Orthodontic (Dental) treatment does not only give you a beautiful smile results in a healthier mouth as well. The process of having braces is known to be painful and difficult but the after effects are so wonderful that it is worth the pain. You can clearly feel the difference between braces before and after. Reading this article would help you to apprehend the knowledge about orthodontics.

Braces types: everyone has its own braces before and after

  • Ceramic Braces

If you want your braces not to be noticeable than ceramic braces are your best option. The result for ceramic braces is faster but extra care and more money is required to maintain. Their brackets are of the same color of teeth so it appears to be transparent but could leave a smudge on teeth.

  • Invisalign

Family Braces

Braces Before and After The new invention in the family of braces which is mainly for elderly people. It consists of 18-30 transparent artificial tailor-made teeth. They have been so popular because they do not hinder any of your eating routines plus they are removable so you do not have to wear it all the time. But they are very costly and need to be replaced after every 2 weeks that adds up the cost. Invisalign could take more time to produce an effective result and you have to be careful because they are easy to misplace. Children cannot wear them as they are restricted to elderly people.

  • Metal braces/Traditional braces

The most common form of braces we know, the first thing that pops up in our mind are these metal brackets that had been used for braces for quite a long time. A mouth full of metals seems to be a nightmare, so there is this advancement that brackets could be replaced by color beads. This is the most cost effective form of braces and is popular in kids and teens. They work in the same way as ceramic braces and has wires that are arch and are heat-activated that uses body heat to fasten the procedure and minimize the pain. They seemed to be more notable than others.

  • Lingual Braces

Braces type that is not very popular is lingual braces, they work in the same way like those in traditional braces but has a little difference that they are placed on the inner side of teeth, which makes it a little uncomfortable as tongue has to feel it. It affects your taste as well, and are hard to clean. But they will not be seen from outside which makes it costly.

Braces Before and After

This picture clearly shows the difference between the type of braces.

How braces generally works?

The brackets on the braces are put pressure on the teeth to set them straight and lead them into a perfect direction. Sometimes dentist has to take out one or two teeth to make the place for other teeth. The pressure applied on each tooth helps to add pressure on bones for a specific period and after that, you have a perfectly shaped teeth that will add up to your beauty. Apart from brackets, orthodontic bands are not used to everyone that needs some extra pressure. To separate teeth, if space is required the spacers are used that add up the space between the teeth. The arch wires work as trackers that help to monitor the movement of teeth. Elastic bands and strings are also used. For the crowded teeth face bow headgear is used. Springs could also be used if required on the brackets.  As bones change its position so it could be a little bit painful procedure but in long run, it has many advantages. In the beginning, you could have a problem eating and your diet could also be changed.

Why is it important to have braces on?

Who does not want a pretty smile? And not only just smile but many of your mouth related problems are solved once you have braces on. There is a clear difference between before and after braces effect that will surely give you a major motivational goal for taking an appointment with your dentist. One small difference can have a major impact on your face look.

  • Oral problems are solved.
  • Gum diseases and other periodontitis have lower risk rate.
  • After braces are off a pretty smile.
  • Teeth are protected.
  • Easy to eat, clean and floss.
  • Improves one’s social life

Treatment Procedure

Unlike other medical procedure, this seems to be easy because there is no emergency situation here. You have to make up an appointment, visits the dentist regularly and you have to keep a check on your eating habits and take extra care of your hygiene. Avoid the food that stuck into braces and keeps regular floss and do not give up on brushing your teeth regularly. Braces will not only help in the straightening of your teeth but add width to your face enhancing your look. One other thing that adds up is that cleaning teeth becomes an easy job as people have a complaint about the difficulty they face with their crowded teeth that cause many oral diseases. Once you are done with the treatment phase you can have all the food you like to eat.

People review on before and after braces

Braces Before and After




Braces Before and After


Braces Before and After


Braces Before and After

Wonderful Experience

These images are here to help you to motivate. People have shared their wonderful experience which included pain as well but after seeing the results they were quite satisfied. Get your appointment today and be an inspiration to others because surviving the process of braces is not an easy task. But the before and after braces effect could be a way to have a healthy mouth and pretty smile and happy you.

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