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Best bob haircuts for black women

bob haircuts

Bob haircuts is defined as the hair style for the women that cut straight around the head to the chin level.  Historically women have preferred having their hair long and straight, mostly women from the west. In late 19th century, women who were doing war work found it inconvenient to work with long hair; this was the time when Bob cuts were introduced. Starting in Western Europe, bob cut spread around the world as women found it much more convenient and hassle less to maintain short hair.

When Rihanna displayed her bob haircuts in a concert in 2007, it becomes a trending fashion for women to cut their hair short, especially black women. Many high-end barbers around the world started creating different kinds of bob haircuts for black women.

Most common bob haircuts for black women:

  • Side parted wavy bob hairstyle: This is the easiest, most common and the safest bob haircuts for black women. This classic bob hairstyle lasts for more than a month and demands very less care. This hair cut can be easily be styled using five Smoothing of hair, drying and gluing hair into place, combing hair down to the middle, parting the hair into two from the middle and adding shine by using the serum. It is very important to apply hair gel and letting it dry before the gluing process or else the glue could touch the hair and cause damage to the scalp.
  • Sleek and edgy side swept bob cut: This bob cut is very easy to maintain and even easier to transform to wavy or loose curly hair from a straight, sleek look. This style suits best on women with an oval face and medium textured hair. By only using three steps, black women can get this hairstyle on them.
  • The hair has to be part on one side which is preferred; heat protectant is then applied to protect the hair from heat before it gets flatly ironed straight down with a slight curl at the end and lastly finishing spray is applied to give a shiny look to the bob cut. This haircut looks even better if the hair is dyed to a dark brown or maroon shade.
  • French style inverted bob cut: This is one of the oldest bob cut which was styled by a woman during World War 1. Currently, this bob cut is very common in Western Europe and especially in Germany. This one of the most elegant bob haircut for black women used by professional ladies working in banks, government or at any other white collar job. Styling it is a little First, the hair has to be washed and dried; The hair is then slightly curled at the end if the face after which the rest of the hair is flat ironed down and hair shiner is added in the end to give it a fresh look. This style suits on all types of faces and short and long both types of hair, which is why it is very common.

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