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An Expert Interview About Fashion Revolutions

fashion revolution

Make something

Fashion Open Studio is a Fashion Revolution initiative that full disclosure curate by me. A series of events, workshops, and talks for a week, is the opposite of catwalk shows. The public is invited to the designer studio, where they can talk about the way they make clothes, learn skills, and even try to make it themselves. Highlights include a lecture by couture chief Vivienne Westwood and a visit to Kent Elvis & Kresse Headquarters, to see how they work with the Burberry Foundation to find creative solutions for working with dead skin. Or, try a repair workshop with Christopher Raeburn, quilting from garbage with Phoebe English or making your own clutches with Katie Jones and Wool and the Gang. To register for an event, visit Fashion Open Studio.

Get dressed

De Castro said the small decisions we make every day are important. “Our wardrobe is part of the fashion supply chain, so we can make a positive difference every morning when we dress,” he said. We have the responsibility to take care of our clothes, wear them well, store them in circulation and not throw them away after several uses. We can even sew back buttons here and there; fix the hole. We need to treat our clothes respectfully and keep them in circulation so that, in the end, we buy less, reduce waste, reduce the number of textiles we send to the landfill.
The Glasgow School of Art organizes MEND, a workshop to learn how to improve your clothes, on April 24. Also, De Castro will be together with the latest fashion and textile graduate, Matthew Needham, and Maddie Williams demonstrating how to think creatively with clothing at Barnardo’s Brixton DiscoMAKE in London on April 26. Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

Sign of fashion manifesto

Truman Brewery in London will be a utopian parallel shopping world this week, filled with brands and clothes that you can trust. Organized by honest trade activist and pioneer Safia Minney, founder of People Tree and now CEO of the vegan shoe brand Po-Zu shoes, there will be guilt-free events, talks, and shopping. When you are there, you can invest in a pair of Po-Zu and pineapple “leather” sneakers, along with the latest collection by People Tree, knitwear by Lowie and menswear by Brothers We Stand. Ask those who make clothes and they will be able to tell you. We hope that one day this will become the norm. For time and details of events.
To mark the fifth anniversary, Fashion Revolution launched its manifest during the Time Question Mode at the Parliament Building on April 23. This includes everything from fair and equal salaries to freedom of association for all workers to cultural diversity and transparency and accountability throughout the chain.
De Castro said: “We want your signature to be part of a global heritage, so that whenever something is unfair, or people are exploited and the environment is degraded, you can call back and reaffirm that you cannot stand up for abuse, you sign a manifesto, You are ready for the change.

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