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Does African American Hair are Resistant to Head Lice?

African American Hair are Resistant to Head Lice

African American Hair are Resistant to Head Lice

African American Hair are Resistant to Head Lice. Head lice are the common and the most annoying problem. They create an itching situation for every age group people. The tiny insects do not have wings but still are passed from one head to another by direct contact. Their food supply is the human blood and needs a warm place to survive.

The main question is, do black people get lice? The question was raised because almost 0.3% of African American children get head lice while the percent is very high in the Caucasian children 10.4%. Following are some reasons that why do black people have to face fewer incidents than white people?

Lower incidence of head lice

The African American families have more rare incidents because of oils and sheens. Many African people use hair products on a daily basis which helps them to cover their scalp with the products. It makes difficult for lice to stick to the hair when the hairs are covered with styling products. The products put the protective layer to their hair and scalp. The sheens and oil products make difficult for head lice to survive. However, these products do not behave like a complete barrier because it manages to find a way to get a grip on the hair.

How to prevent your hair from lice?

If you are finding the answer that does black people hair get lice, then the answer differs according to the country because natives of Africa and Brazil have to deal with these small insects. It is tough to wash out or comb out head lice because they get a grip on your hair.

Some simple hair products will help you to fight lice even some essential oils are also a great option to prevent hair from it. Using pomades and wax in your hair will prevent the formation of new lice and suffocate the existing ones in your head.

Main problem

Do remember that head lice transfer from one head to another very quickly. Regardless of skin, they are transmitted easily, so to prevent your hair from it, there are several products introduced in the market which will eliminate the chances of getting lice and wash out it quickly from your head. Some precaution must be followed to stop spreading the problem.

  • Do no use someone combs or brushes.
  • Try to limit the direct head contact.
  • Do ask some elder to check your head regularly for lice
  • If the little insects are present in your head, then do have a proper treatment.

Rare problem

African American Hair is Resistant to Head Lice, The main reason why the head lice problem is rare among the African American because of the treatment style. Young boys suffering from the problem quickly shave out their head to get rid of the problem instantly while the girls use heat treatment or often straight their hair which kills it immediately, and they will get rid of the problem.


Do black people get lice? The answer is yes because head lice do not depend on the type of hair or skin. Their main food supply is human blood, and that is why easily transferred from one head to another to get their food to survive.

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