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6 Facts About Life & Style That’ll Keep You Up at Night

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Life is a beautiful thing without life everything is non-living things, Life is a journey, we have to travel it. Life a challenge we have to accept it, Million and thousand scholars define life but up till now, there is no any perfect definition of life. With the passage of time, the definition of life changed. A model defines life that without fashion life is not perfect, A film star define life without fun and romantic life is not perfect, A professor defines life without education life is nothing. But according to my point of view without satisfaction, there is no life. Everybody is looking for satisfaction in the world .everybody wants satisfaction life and satisfaction living standard in the world. A poor man defines life without money life is nothing.

Now will elaborate the style of the world people. Style word comes from Greek which means the change in personality. Does style exist in old age, Yes style has existed at the stone age, people made a different style of dress by leaf to cover their naked body. Now a day’s style is common in the people. Thousand and million people want a new style and advance style. They have made a lot style source for the modern people.

Clothes and Pant shirts life & Style

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Clothes are the great invention of science to protect the naked human bodies, Clothes fashion and style is very common all over the world because clothes are wearing every place of the world. Clothes fashion gradually convert into a different style, people start to wear a new design and new fashion of cloths. The lifestyle of cloths changed into mini dress clothes which are popular in the western culture. Some place of the world male and female still love to wear long cloth dresses. In western culture, people started to wear pant and shirts for their identity. That’s why old people used to say that pant & shirts are the western fashion. The youth of western prefer to wear jeans and a T-shirt to show off their style for the people. It’s the concept of white people a person will remain active all day in pant shirts.They think that jean is easy to wash and easy to wear. Then they introduced new pant shirts dress for office with a tie. Now a day’s pant and a shirt is an official dress for every place of the world. So you can found thousand and million jeans and shirts new style and fashion in all market of the world.

Icon life & style

Icon people are those who have the certain value in the world because of their great contribution in this world so definitely they have a great lifestyle which is favorite for their follower. I cannot count the iconic people of the world but I want to tell you their lifestyle. They wear high expensive dresses and they live like a king, In the big house with luxuries cars and a personal jet. It is easy to make their dream true because they are icon they have opened all place of the world. Icon people are those who have control over the world, they are the tycoon and they are mastermind and decision-maker of the world.

The film stars life & style

super star lifestyle


A film star life is good and charming because they get enough money for the survival of life. They have protocol all place in the world, they have a special security system as well as good take care of people around them. They promote new fashion stuff like dresses and wearing stuff and new style their fans follow their favorite film star and want to copy their lifestyle. Film stars hero and heroine are very famous and popular celebrities in the world. They have a lot of respect and love from their fans and followers.

Rich women life & Style

rich women lifestyle

Rich woman has their own lifestyle because she likes to wear new design and fashion dresses. She love to wear huge expensive dresses because she is rich. She wants to use high-quality foods and decoration piece at her home. She wants to use luxuries car and shopping the international products. She uses expensive phones and expensive shoes. She wants expensive jewelry on her body .she can do anything because she has money. Rich lady love beauty place of the world, Rich ladylike to spend her every mint in luxuries and comfort.

Teenage girls life & style

teenage girls fashion

The teen of the world totally believe in fashion and style it’s a modern world. In the 21st century teen wants their own house and own business. In the western culture, teen male lives with their own girlfriend at his house. He or she doesn’t like to live with parents. So the summary is that there are a lot of changes in style and life among people. Young people don’t like old fashion and old life because it’s the age of technology and advance communication life. The old people have difficulty to understand the new generation style and fashion in the current world. There are a competition and race in the world people don’t want to look behind just moving towards the new destination.

Poor people life & style

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Poor people are powerlessness in this world due to lack of living facilities. Poor people are homeless and helpless in this modern world because rich people are linking to those who have good wealth and a good standard of life. Poor people have no life and style because they don’t have enough money for their survival they just look for two times food. Their family suffered a lot all over the world. They cannot think good education for their children and can’t think good health treatment in a good hospital because they don’t have money. They are jobless even they can’t afford good clothes to protect their body from harm of the weather. They are dying just because of dirty water because they don’t have clean water for drinking. I have seen the poor person in the street but no one care about the needy person, I am speechless how they are suffering in their life but rich people are becoming more and poor people becoming poorer. If we eliminate this discrimination from our society then definitely poor people become like normal people and have a life for them. Poor people have no safe security all over the world because due to lack of money. There is a beautiful sentence, poverty is the cause of crime. Nelson Mandela said, Poverty can’t be finished by charity it can be finished by justices. So I want to say that poor people have no life and style in this world.

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