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14 Best Fashion Magazine Of Modern Era

Fashion magazine

The fashion magazine is the mini book in which you can find the fashion trend and fashion clothes and new designs of the modern trend of western culture. There are thousand and hundred magazines are popular on the top list which are following.

  1. Fashion Magazine
  2. Instyle Magazine
  3. Vogue Magazine
  4. Vainty fair Magazine
  5. Harper, s Bazaar Magazine
  6. W magazine
  7. I-D magazine
  8. Elle Magazine
  9. Cosmopolitan Magazine
  10. Dazed Magazine
  11. Teen Vogue Magazine
  12. Glamour Magazine
  13. GQ Magazine

Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine history is started in Latin America at that time there was no any source to promote fashion stuff in the public. To mobilize the commercial products through a magazine which was very simple and easy way to marketing the male and female products. It helps to story the old knowledge and old fashion designing.

 I-D Fashion Magazine

I-D is a British famous fashion magazine which is consist of Fashion, Arts, Music and youth culture. The magazine was found by designer and former Vogue art director Terry Jone in 1980. The first issue was published in the form of a hand-stapled fanzine with text produce on a type twitter .over a year the magazine evolved into a mature glossy but it has kept the street style and youth culture central.

Vogue Fashion magazine

Vogue Fashion magazine was the old magazine of the USA which was first time published in a newspaper in 1892 in the United State of America. The importance of this magazine was that it was covering all fashion,  Arts, designing and music of young people of America. Its was monthly Published magazine in the United State.

GQ Fashion Magazine

GQ magazine was the first Men magazine in the United state of America which was published in 1931. It was published monthly in New York City. The publication was focused on fashion,  style, new design and culture for Men. Everything was properly explained through articles in this magazine like Movies,  Fitness, sex, music, travel, and sports. People benefit a lot from this magazine.

Harper,s bazaar Fashion Magazine

Harpers Bazaar magazine was the first American Female fashion magazine. Which was totally focused on female fashion and their new design. It was founded in 1867 which was the source of beauty and fashion design for the female in America. It’s also a monthly basis magazine.

Teen Fashion Magazine

Teen magazine are magazine aimed at female teenage reader. This magazine is consist of fashion, news, gossip, fashion tips, and Interview also may include posters,  stickers and small samples of cosmetics. This magazine is used to raise the voice of teen which is made for both male and female. Through this magazine, many young models present their new design and fashion.

W Fashion Magazine

W is an American fashion magazine published by Conde Nast. Both in print and online W features stories of celebrities and models about the new design and stylish products. Most top celebrities use this magazine to advertise their films.

Elle Fashion Magazine

Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focused on fashion, beauty, health, and Entertainment. It was founded in 1945 by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Helene Gordon. The title of the magazine in French which means, she or her.

Cosmopolitan Fashion Magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine is an international magazine for women which was formally title by cosmopolitan. The magazine was first published in 1886 and distributed in the US as a family magazine. In this magazine, people write an article about health, beauty, fashion, sex, and stories. This magazine has 64 editions including Croatia, Romania, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, UK, and Malaysia. This magazine was published in 35 languages.


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