How long does waxing last It is the reality that when successful, waxing removes hair from the root and can last up to six weeks. Now a day’s However, skin isn’t always hair free for a full six weeks. It is an amazing way that we will know how long ...

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Eyebrow threading near me Eyebrow threading is a new fashion and decorated of the eyes by removing the hair from the eyebrow. Nowadays in the modern culture, it’s a common thing in the ladies, especially in the western culture.E eyebrow threading near me means that it was the really paining ...

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Hair style and makeup for modern Girls and Women

Hair and makeup Are you looking for wedding makeup tips before a big day? Do not look any more, we’ve put together 20 things and do not want the bride with some experts to make sure you’re flawless regardless of the wedding budget. And when you are ready here, check ...

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Angel wing tattoos men

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Girls and Boys

Half sleeve tattoo has been really popular lately. It takes about 9 hours to complete one and the results are usually breathtaking. On the other hand, full sleeve tattoo can take over 20 hours and several sessions to complete. The people who prefer full sleeve tattoos refer to them as ...

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sun tattoos on feet

Lower back tattoos guide for women

Traditional favorites The lower back tattoos of women are not new and they are not hidden, they are actually quite insightful and have an interest for them. Women of all ages want tattoos in almost every part of the body, but tattoos are something different. People like it to add ...

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tattoos for women on wrist new

Tattoos for women tip and tricks

Tattoos are the sign of pride and love for women and it’s no secret that when it comes to the mating game whether it is the lifetime men tend to place a higher premium on beauty than women do. There are much research done but ample research shows that men ...

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