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Decoding always wondered fact: Do black people get lice?

how do lice look

Decoding always wondered fact: Do black people get lice? Have you ever experienced constant head itching and irritability? Then you might have gotten a head lice infestation. Head lice is extremely annoying and contagious. School going kids are the most vulnerable toward this infestation. Hair texture plays a key role ...

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Services of lice removal salon

lice removal salon

Hair is a symbol of femininity and every individual wants to have the most beautiful hairs. An individual apply different herbs or shampoos to make her hairs look good. He is successful in doing so but there are some natural things which avoid its beauty. Lice are somewhat destroying the ...

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Does hair dye kill lice? Let us find out!


Head Lice is one of the most common health problems in children after common cold. School going children often get infected with this uncontrollable parasite and getting out of this problem seems like impossible. Parents all over world are disturbed with this common and wide spread problem with kids. There ...

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Best bob haircuts for black women

bob haircuts for black women

Bob hair cut is defined as the hair style for the women that cut straight around the head to the chin level.  Historically women have preferred having their hair long and straight, mostly women from the west. In late 19th century, women who were doing war work found it inconvenient ...

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