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Short and good haircuts for men

The haircuts and hairstyles of men keep on changing every year. Fashion is not confined to women only, even men nowadays keep themselves up to date and stay trendy. From the last year, many vintage looks have been in style. It is true that men are also getting in style, but you also have to be comfortable and look attractive at the same time. Large hairstyles have been in fashion for a long time but short are good haircuts for men because men look clean and precise in it. Following are the famous haircut for men.

Pompadour cut

good haircuts for men

It is a good haircut for men and looks trendy as well. The sides of the head are faded while the top of the head remains in volume. The style is a bit more like jazzy, and it will suit every face shape. It is new and different style. You just have to comb your hair in the backward direction and keep your looks trendy. If you have a round or square shape face, then this is the best choice to add length to your face cut.

Comb over haircut

Comb over haircut

This is the sporting look and adds volume to your hair. The style can be achieved both in curly and wavy hair. You just have to comb your hair in the upward direction. Just do not forget to use the comb which has spaced bristles. If your hair is thick, then you can also add variations to this style. It is unique and favorite haircut of 2016.

Good haircut for men with a bang

men with a bang

Bangs look cool on men of middle age. It enhances their look into cute one. The hairstyle can be achieved for the men who have dead straight hair or wavy hair. It is on your choice that whether you want straight bang, classic, messy or fringe bang. If you pair your style with the classic bear cut, then it will make your appearance more perfect.

Crew cut

Crew cut

This haircut can be made in several ways because it is similar to the undercut style and you need your hair to be trimmed evenly. The sides of the head are faded while the top hair is long. You can make a spiky style in this cut as well. The barber will use scissor or razor to trim your hair but do not forget to guide the barber to make it just right. It is best for the men who have round face because your face will look slimmer.

Caesar cut

Caesar cut

The style is famous in the Jim Carrey movie and is made by the men who are above 40 years. The haircut demands less maintenance and is a good haircut for men who have long or broad foreheads. The bangs on the forehead balance your look if you are experiencing premature balding. You can also go for the short Caesar cut if you feel that the front bang does not suit you.

Whatever haircut you adopt it must enhance your physical appearance.

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