where do lice come from

Where do head lice come from?

You can call head lice an obligate parasite. The origin of the head lice has been a very interesting topic for a number of people. This is one of the most common questions that almost every person wants to know. You must have eager to know about the interesting history ...

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demi-permanent hair color

Advantages of demi permanent hair color

Having a demi permanent hair color is the most versatile and easy option. The semi-permanent hair is not long lasting and the permanent hair color damages the hair. The demi-permanent hair color provides the best solution and advantages for both problems. It is basically ammonia free and does not even ...

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hair extensions for short hair

Get long hair instantly with hair extensions

Women with short hair can adopt several ways for styling their hair and can get a beautiful transformation in an instant way. Nowadays hair extensions for short hair are available with clips and tape. It is an excellent way to add length as well as volume especially for the ladies ...

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short natural hairstyle

Different Natural Short Hairstyles for Your Glowing Look

If you want an easy-going, free-glowing and unstructured hairstyle, you will love short natural hairstyle. You can have lots of attractive hairstyles even if you have short hairs. Moreover, at present short hairs styles are becoming trendier, and people love to have short hairs. You can have a highly attractive ...

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