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Get long hair instantly with hair extensions

Women with short hair can adopt several ways for styling their hair and can get a beautiful transformation in an instant way. Nowadays hair extensions for short hair are available with clips and tape. It is an excellent way to add length as well as volume especially for the ladies who have short hair. The clips may be irritating or the extension slip from your hair. They are also time-consuming because it is hard to blend your hair in clips however tape extensions are useful and quick to use. The tape is invisible and does not damage the hair. So read some tips and tricks to add volume and length to your hair.

Short hair tip no.1

hair extensions for short hair

One of the main tip given by stylist is to choose the hair extensions carefully. The rule of thumb for the girls with short hair is that the extension must be three to four inches long then their requirement so the extensions must look natural when to blend with the natural hair. Clip hair extensions are best for girls who wants to increase the length because the hair extensions with clips are used underneath the hair and provides a natural look. Do not use glue extensions because it is hard to hide and may damage you hair growth.

Short hair tip no.2

hair extensions for short hair

Clip hair extensions are easy to use. Most of the girls prefer to use clip hair extensions for short hair because they look natural and is available in several hair types. Girls with short hair have to face the difficulty in blending their natural hair in the extensions, so that is why it is recommended to use just a few inches long hair extension than your original hair length. A good hair extension for short hair must have a length of 12-14 inches because it is easier to blend the standard length extension with the natural hair. They do give a natural look.

Short hair tip no.3

hair extensions for short hair

If you have a blunt or shaggy hair cut, then it is harder to blend your original hair with the hair extension. It is recommended to take your hair extension to the parlor and ask your stylist to give the extension the same style and cut. Now when you clip the extension, they will surely blend in with your original hair and give an entirely natural look.

Short hair tip no. 4

hair extensions for short hair

Always style the extension separately. Before using the clip or tape extension do style them before using. It will undoubtedly save much time for you, and you will be able to manage and carry your style quickly. It depends on you whether you will be straightening your hair or making curls, according to experts it is easier to manage the extensions separately, and you will get to know the faults in the styling as well.

So if the inner Rapunzel is getting out from you then do buy hair extensions for short hair. Do not forget to buy a high-quality natural hair extension. They will undoubtedly cost more but will be easy to maintain, durable and look natural.

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