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Decoding always wondered fact: Do black people get lice?

Decoding always wondered fact: Do black people get lice?

Have you ever experienced constant head itching and irritability? Then you might have gotten a head lice infestation. Head lice is extremely annoying and contagious. School going kids are the most vulnerable toward this infestation. Hair texture plays a key role in head lice treatment. Thick and curly hair are really hard to be treated so a lot of people wonder do black people get lice. Read this article to find the answer.

What does lice look like?

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  How do lice look like? The question asked frequently by many whom have experienced the lice infestation. Head lice are very small, without wings parasites that lives in our hair. Lice have six legs and a round body. The plural form of lice is louse, it feed on the blood drawn from the scalp of its prey. Some people also ask do lice jump. The answer to this question is no lice do not jump but the spread with their eggs from one head to another.

How do you know if you have lice?

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It is hard to tell if one has head lice as we cannot see our own scalp.If you feel something crawling in your head, it is most likely to be an adult lice, it is in brown or black color. Which can be picked out by wide tooth comb. So, if you find yourself scratching your head more often than you might be having head louse. The nits of lice are really small and are glued to your scalp securely.

Where do lice come from?

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Head lice cannot fly, and it is obligated to live on the scalp of human in order to survive. Head lice never comes from animals rather it is transmitted among human fellows only. Head lice is known as an ectoparasite that means it survives on the surface of Human scalp. According to different researchers human lice have been manifesting the human head from thousands of years. The evidence of this theory is found in ancient Greek and Egyptian books. The ancient form of louse are known as clades and it showed us the genetic pathways of where does lice come from.

Can black people get lice?

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 The answer to the questions like can black people get head lice is yes black people gets head lice like all other human fellows do too. But, the risk of lice manifestation is very less as compared to white people and Asians. According to a US research center a 1985 consensus showed that only 0.3% Black American children get head lice whereas 10.5% white children and 60% Asian children had gotten head lice. There is no solid reason of why black people do not get much head lice infestation. Head lice crawls on the hair strands, the hair texture of black children is coarse and curly which might be difficult for lice to crawl. Even if they get lice, black people lice shape or form is no different than the ones white people get. The other reason of why black children do not get the head lice is because of the way black mothers treat their children’s hair. Mother shave the hair of boys that is how lice do not get much place to infest. The hair of girls are straightened by black mother in lice infection season. Lice cannot tolerate heat so it perish away. So I guess the answer to Do black people get lice? Has been answered.

How do kids get lice?

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Lice moves from person to person despite of being dangerous. The average life of a lice is 4 weeks. Kids play around with each other and never seem to odd out any of their buddy out. So, any of their friend can be a carrier of lice and with the head to head contact lice can be manifested. Non hygienic behavior of kids also lead to multiplication of lice in hair. Kids use their friend’s stuff without any doubt this is probably the root cause of diseases. Sharing pillow case or hats is how people get lice.

Dandruff and lice:

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Differentiating among the root cause of itching is a tedious job. It is hard to figure out whether head lice is causing the itchy scalp or dandruff is. Sometimes we misconcepted lice eggs with dandruff. In order to find out, wear a dark shirt, dandruff comes out in flaky shape. Peopleusually ask questions like how to get rid of dandruff? Or how to get rid of dandruff fast? For this matter try using apple cider vinegar, antidandruff shampoo or antidandruff hair serum. Though this method will only vanish the dandruff not lice or its nits.

Head lice treatment:

Doctors usually recommend a medicated shampoo, lotion or cream for killing the head louse. Over the counter medications are also prescribed in extreme cases by the doctors. Medication kill the lice very soon but the itchiness in scalp gets away after sometime. Medications are prescribed for 7-10 days by the doctors. In this time period all the nits of lice are killed

Home remedies for lice:

  1. Hair oil like almond, olive and pumpkin oil is best for removing lice
  2. Comb out lice with essential oil
  3. Mineral oil (coconut, olive ) along with polysorbate 80.The lice will suffocate and die
  4. Apply apple cider vinegar and coconut oil mixed all together.
  5. Apply mixture of salt and vinegar plus coconut oil

How to prevent lice?

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Although lice are not life threatening but who like being itchy all the time?  In order to prevent the louse following are some of the methods:

  1. Always keep in check with the symptoms. Head lice do not show much symptoms in weeks after infestation but severe itchiness at back of neck. Use fine toothed comb after every bath on wet hair.
  2. Do not share anything that can manifest the louse like pillows, hats, head bands etc.
  3. Know who is a carrier of lice. Lice takes two weeks after treatment to leave the infested head. Do not come in contact with the carrier’s fabric in all this time.
  4. Wash your bed sheet, pillow case regularly
  5. Use certain hair product to repel lice. Like tea tree oil.

Lice myths

  1. According to grandmas lice can jump when actually they cannot jump or swim
  2. Lice like clean hair myth:

In old times women thought that louse love to infest the clean hair and if your hair are cleaned and you meet a carrier, you are most likely to attract all louse from their head.So, without even asking yourself do lice like clean hair skip this fake point of view.

  1. Head lice carry disease.
  2. Lice and scabies are same:

No, scabies is a skin rash caused as allergic reaction due to a type of parasite living on our skin. Lice cause rash only at neck or behind ear. How do people get scabies? Scabies is contagious and can spread from the infected fellow very fast. Symptoms of scabies are really vivid and can be observed within 2 days or so.


This article is about lice and its treatment. Some people are curious to know do black people get lice. Yes, they do but moderately. The hair type of black people do not allow much of lice infestation.  There are several methods of controlling the lice or even completely eradicating head louse from our hair. If nothing is helpful than go for some home remedies formulated by the house keeper in order to get cured. readmore

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