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Bowl Cut Hair: The Classic Cut is Reinvented

Bowl Cut Hair: The Classic Cut is Reinvented

The bowl cut hair takes too much time out of our trend radar, but at last, we’ve hit it. For lovers of this cut, we teach you three different styles of cut to bowl that will fall in love.

Tomboy Style

The fringe is famous for highlighting the eyes and if we join the cut to bowl, this look gets the highest score. If you want to recreate this contemporary version of this famous vintage cut you should leave the sides hairstyle and in place and the part of the bangs slightly disheveled, using a texturizing spray like Savage Panache from the Wild Stylers range.

Bowl Cut HairTip top: If you have decided to make the cut to bowl, ask your stylist to create layers and a light bangs to take him carefree.

Rock and Chic Look

This look can be considered as a modern nod to The Beatles. This chic and glossy cut-out version has emerged to be the center of attention on stage. To recreate it, use the nutritious shampoo and conditioner Nutrifier range, apply a thermal protector and then use the curler to create smooth and subtle waves in the area of the bangs for a natural look and laden with brightness

Top Tip: Perfect for those who have grown too many bangs, as they can curl at eye level.

A Foolproof Finish

The bowl cut doesn’t just work on the catwalk, it walks head high on the sidewalk too. This season, both makeup and hair styling trends are all about natural finishes and contrasting textures, so bring this to your bowl cut with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Pure Resource by Serie Expert, which cleanses the scalp and hair of any residue build-up, leaving your locks feeling fresh and swishy!Bowl Cut Hair

Do not think that the cut to bowl only works on the runways, is also perfect for day to day. This season, both makeup and hairstyles are characterized by being completely natural and contrasting textures, which will get you with the right shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the Pure Resource shampoo and conditioner of the Scalp range, which cleans the scalp and the rest of the hair eliminating any residue, with a fresh and shiny finish.

Top Tip: For an on-trend everyday look, pair your natural-looking bowl cut with urban accessories and a matte lip.

Another Tip: For your daily look, combine your cut to bowl with some chic accessories and matte lipstick.

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